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    How do you view this situation, can we see it as a real honour ?

    The other day I received a whatsapp clip and message informing that Turkey had issued a postal stamp with the photo of Narndra Modi, Indian Prime Minister. The message claimed it as a proud moment for India and Indians.
    I wanted to know the facts and details and so I made some search and query in the net. Then it was found that bringing out the stamp was a fact. But it was issued in 2015 in connection with the 2015 Turkey G20 Antalya summit. It was not just on Modi, but on leaders from some other countries also. There were a total of 33 such personalised stamps presented by the Turkish President then to 'appreciate and honour' the leaders.

    That is not my point now. The question is do you see issue of postal stamps as honour ?

    Is making a stamp in someone's honour and then defacing the same by stamping on it as cancellation and honourable act? A postal stamp is actually 'tortured' by first tearing then spreading adhesive, then pressing with force to stick and then it gets defaced by cancellation marks and then may be even torn while opening and at last thrown to the dust bin. I do not consider these as giving honour.

    Please post your views.
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    Releasing a stamp with somebody's photo on the stamp is treated as an honour only. The stamping and sticking are in the process of usage of stamps. But the postal department will be doing this stamp printing to honour the very important and great personalities of various Nations in the world. It is a prestige and honour only. The stamp is created for a particular purpose and that should be done. A stamp is to be used only once. To avoid reusing the stamping is a must. However, the stamping is not really in the face of the person but it is only the stamp. So we need not worry about that. Once you purchase a stamp it is as good as money only. Till you use it you will keep in your wallet very carefully like a currency note only. That how you are using your money also that means you are carrying him in your wallet. It is really proud. So it is very great to release a stamp by other countries with our PMs photo on it.
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    Well it is the customary on the part of postal department to honor those greats with a issue of special stamp during their anniversaries and that has been happening since many years. I do agree that every postal stamps go through the ordeal of pasting, then cancellation at the post office of deposit, and then after reaching the destination, the stamp is again cancelled by the delivery post office. Thus a honor stamp invariably get battered by postal authorities and it is no honor at all. But who is having time to go through the ordeal of a stamp. Once the stamps issued, that goes as the record to philately.
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    Queen Elizabeth II, has the honor of having appeared on most stamps (and currency noted) considering the vast British Empire in the glory days. An individual to appear on a stamp is an honor in recognition of service rendered to various aspects of public life and well being of the nation or the world. But there are many stamps issued for commercial reasons, to improve sales and revenue (you can google stamps of Gandhiji, Diana, the Pope from Guinea Bissau or Equitorial Guinea) or for appeasing a particular head of state. So, yes, it is an honor to appear on a postal stamp on most occasions.

    Your last part of the thread literally gives life to a stamp. Among all things which we can invest in some stamps have more value (per square mm) than any land or real estate, so there is a well-established business arm of Investment options in Philately. Sometimes the cancellation mark and date are a means to establish the authenticity of the stamp. Most collectors of stamps go after mint (unused stamps, post office issue condition) stamps. So, to have the face or image printed on a stamp, then used to be sent to different parts of the country and the world and be seen or at least even be glanced at is a form of honor that we can dedicate to an individual. It is like acknowledging the efforts of a person by putting their image on a brochure, on a currency note, a newspaper or a magazine.

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