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    Do jealousy, arrogance and impatience create stress in life?

    There are different types of people in this world. Some are jealous while some are not.Those who are not jealous believe in the doctrine that one should concentrate in working hard to pursuit higher aims rather then having jealousy with others who are successful. On the other hand the jealous people unnecessarily strain themselves.

    The other trait is arrogance. Some people are so arrogant that they will flare up in small matters, they can not tolerate the jokes even, they are so unpredictable that people fear to talk to them, their general tone of communication is shrewd and uncivilized. These people take things to heart and unnecessarily remain perturbed for small things.

    Another characteristic is impatience. The impatient people want to do every thing in a hurry. They will scold everyone in the family if something is not done for them. They create lot of tension in the atmosphere and in the process get themselves strained.

    Do you feel that these traits in people are responsible for their high stress levels?
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    Yes, definitely. The three impatience, arragance and jelousy are just inter related and they are close relatives having similar motto to destroy human. If, even one comes to a person, he is found ready for ruinism through his stress. If all the three found in a person, he or she just got collapsed him/herself totally.

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    Yes. The three traits namely impatience, arrogance and jealousy are really the foes of the human beings. Noone should get into the effect of these qualities. Once they acquire these qualities, they are lost. Some people start the work and want to get the result immediately, they even can't wait for a little time. They are impatient. Because of this tendency, they spoil many works and they get stressed themselves and strain the others. A very bad quality.
    When we somebody in a better position we feel like becoming like them. For that, a positive approach is to know how that man is managing the works and improve our working. But some people think how to spoil the other person. The third one arrogance comes with power and money. If you are powerful or you are very rich, you will become arrogant. It is better if we can avoid these three qualities in our life.

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    Human beings are averse to others progress and if they fail to achieve even minimal success , then they start having jealous against those performers and that would turn the relations with them as arrogant and many a times tiff between the two is imminent which leads to impatience and verbal dual. For person with all those worst qualities, he is getting restless and some times having no good talking with others and even friends would bring him bad name and fame and soon everyone shall boycott him. Better to be sober and give chance to others to progress and one day we would also get the chance to win and register our happiness.
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    Yes, I agree that jealousy, arrogance and impatience create stress in life?

    Actually those who keep all this with them really suffer more than the targets on whom these are directed at.
    Most of our religious texts highlight the futility and negativeness of the three. Peace will occur only if these three are removed from our mind. They are enemies to 'Shaanti' or peaceful stability.

    The Bhagavat Gita says :"..... darpobhimaanasch krodhah paarushyam eva cha; ajnaanacha abhijaatasya Paartha sampadam aasurim" which means arrogance, conceit, anger, harshness and ignorance etc are demonic qualities .

    Just as the smouldering fire burns the paddy husk slowly and steadily to ash, anger and jealousy burns and damages the human beings.
    Patience is considered a good quality for all. 'Kshama balamashaktaanaam, shaktaanam kshama bhooshanam"- For the weak patience the strength, for the strong patience is a real decoration and ornament.

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    Jealous, arrogance and impatience are human adverse traits the impair our listening (though the sense of hearing would be normal) and our way of thinking. The normal phrases, a comment, a criticism or a question elicits an abnormal/atypical response and tone of the conversation. I think we need help, such people, if they aspect us as their friends or well-wishers as some of them would genuinely be doing it based on their bitter experiences in the past or due to unresolved trauma and misconceptions. If they are aware and shun our help, then we need to keep our interactions to the minimum and move on. Lastly, these qualities can easily increase the stress levels as its a repetitive cycle day in and day out. Such people could end up being depressed or aggressive or abusive in a relationship or become a difficult colleague at workplace.

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    Yes, all the three traits mentioned could lead to stress a lot. Because when we are angry, we make decisions that turn out wrong. And all these three traits result in anger and ultimately the loss. Being jealous is just not good because it creates a sense of bad thought for the other person, which is useless and unnecessarily will cause stress when we will see that person. Arrogance and impatience both are the reasons for declination. In order to succeed and progress, one has to remove all these adjectives from their life.
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