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    Jokes of the day to enjoy

    Teacher:(at the school entrance to a student)Why you are bringing another person to the exam hall?who is he?
    Student:He is a plumber,somebody told question paper got leaked.
    Student:(with annoyance - to the teacher in an exam hall)what sir, inquestion paper we see many questions but no single answer in answer paper.
    One to another:why you are beating your son who is studying for exams?
    Another:he is studying in the house without going to exam.
    Inspector:(to person who dashed his car on treeatthe roadside)How the accident took place?
    person:can you see the the tree?
    Person: But I did not notice that.
    One:(saw his friend who walks with a dog)Hey, are you going walking with a donkey?
    Friend:Idiot, see this is dog!
    one:I asked the dog.
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    Really good. Enjoyed the jokes. The author brings and posts some jokes like this to make all the members of India Study Channel happy. Good going. Nice to read.
    always confident

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