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    I met my mother's old friend after 45 years

    I usually feel happy in meetingelderly people. Like this today I met my mother's old friend (my morher expired in 2004) during my visit to Madurai this time. I met her in her house after 45 years nearly and she could not recognize me initially but once I told her that I am the son of rajalakshmi, she immediately told my and my elder brother's name and asked which son. I cannot express the happy found in her shrinkened face, in words. She only helped a lot to my mother for the delivery of my last brother in 1963. Above all here to note is she is a christian and agewise older than my mother. Though my mother is not alive share this meeting I felt so happy the joy in the face of her.
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    Really we feel happy when we meet our old friends or our parent's friends after a long time. They will also feel very happy to see us. During my education in Visakhapatnam, I was staying in a house. In the same house another student of botany was staying we both became friends and our families also became friends. later we both left the place. From the last 30 years, we are not in touch. Last week I had been to Mumbai. After completing my work, I came to the airport and I am boarding the flight. Behind me, one person is walking. I just stared at him and able to recognise him as my friend. Just I have gone near to him and asked him by name. Immediately he also recognised me. We both really were very happy. Somehow he requested his neighbour on the flight to shift to my seat. We sat together and we both spend almost 11/2 hours by remembering our students days. It is really pleasure to meet old friends.
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    That is really a great meeting where sentiments are expressed at their apex and old memories are rekindled.

    Old friends specially who have helped one in times of need are cherished in the deep of memory chests never to be forgotten.

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    I can understand how you would have felt.
    Practically I could not stay with my mother for long. After she died, I regret that I do not know much about my mother's younger days like her schooling etc.As far as she was alive I had not felt to ask about such things also. Now I feel that I have only bits and pieces of knowledge on those matters . Many times I imagined to meet her old friends and ask the details from them. It never happened and I could not get opportunity to ask from her siblings also.

    I consider you as lucky in this regard in getting to met your mother's old friend.

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    Really great gesture on your part to meet your mother's old friend and that proves that older generation still remember their movement with near and dear ones and they like to mingle with those who left them long back. Good that after you met her she would certainly recall her 45 years flash back and thus gets emotionally attached to those movements which cannot come again. Had your mother was alive, she would have also felt happy that you met her close friend after 45 years. Meeting elders always gives us the pleasure as they bestow with all kinds of wishes which is needed for us.
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    It's always an emotional upheaval to meet old relatives and friends whom our family knew. Whenever we visit our native village, many elders and senior family members would refer to us not by name but by our ancestors, this is the grandson of so and so, they usually link me to my grandfather's name, so distant uncles would introduce me as the son of with my father's name. It still makes me happy that my parents and grandparents are in the thoughts of these simple yet good-hearted people in the villages. Yes, they shower kindness and we bring a smile on their faces.If you've met someone whose being your mother's friend, you would have certainly made the day for that old lady who would recall the fond days of friendship she had with your mother.

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    I fully understand your feeling. The old lady has reminded you your departed mother. Sweet memories came back to you. That is a sweet remembrance.
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