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    How safe is America for studies?

    I want to study abroad. But worried about safety issues there. How safe is it to study there?
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    I think that America is a safe place for education and job. One thing which is to be taken care is that one should not stay in congested places in downtown areas where their are well documented crime cases.

    During the education one can get sharing guest house accommodation having mess facilities and these places are generally trouble free. When a person gets a job there then one has to select a proper place for staying so that he should not intermingle with low end of society.

    There are certain do's and do nots when you go to foreign land for education and job. These rules apply for America also.

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    If you have a relative or close friend who is staying there for long years, then you can opt for studies in America , otherwise better to study in India in reputed Universities which are on par with American standards. Going alone on the tip of friends and without any well wisher or friend there, it is a risky attempt to study in America as post President Donald Trump becoming President of that country, rules have bee vastly changed and local are getting lots of preference in all fields. In that case education in that country is also competitive and wont suit to Indians as of now as per my advise.
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    Many Indian students are studying in US. Except one or two incidents there are no contaversies or any unsafe incidents are reported. As such I feel there will not be any problem and you can plan to go for studies there. But the safety will depend on the individual also. There will be a sound only when two hands meet. The same is the case here also. If we mind our business and if we will not indulge in unwanted activities nobody will bother us. Instead if we try to create some problems to others they will also try to reciprocate the same. Before going there if you have any known persons there talk to them, get the details of the place, try to find out a place to stay in a good peaceful locality. If hostels are available and you can afford that will be also good. So make proper judgement and take all precautions as required. In such case all will go well.
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    America is in the news for terrosist and gun crimes that has suddenly escalted since the new president has taken over.Overseas students coming over for education is a big revenue earner for these universities and they would ensure the safety to avoid bad publicity and losing out on money brought in by students like you.
    When in Rome be a Roman, is a saying that would apply. Knowing the rules, place and the unwritten regulations regarding Indians in a foreign place would certainly help. When traveling, looking for accommodation, making friends be cautious.Every city will have dodgy neighborhoods and high crime zone like we see in our metros, we should avoid them.
    Often students look for the cheaper accommodation and take shortcuts while traveling late in the night or walking back from the office etc. Going out to the city center, pubs and having a glimpse of the nightlife should be done carefully to avoid being mugged or drugged.
    I had my first chance to be in a city abroad that had trouble with drug crimes. I chose an accommodation just adjacent to the campus even though I paid more, restricted my movements especially in the late evenings as it's tempting to see a different part of the world in our free time but I took some time to really know the place, spoke to other students around, then slowly ventured out.

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