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    Kamala Hassan's entry into politics

    People of Tamil Nadu are very happy that their hero Kamal Hasan has decided to enter politics. In the next elections which is not far away, Kamal will be the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Already many Tamils are hailing Kamal as Father of Tamil Nadu and more encomiums are on the way. After becoming the Chief Minister Kamal's first signature will be abolition of NEET examinations in Tamil Nadu
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    Many celebrities are very successful in politics. One reason is because they are already popular and people believe that they will do something good for society as their apparent image through the cinema is one like that.

    So to that extent the entry of Kamala Hassan in politics is also welcome.

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    Karthik Venkatesan , warm welcome to this site as a new member and glad to see your first post. There is no doubt that Kamala Hassan is going to enter politics for sure and he would be the candidate to watch during next assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. But at present the TN people are fed up with AIADMK governance as they bestowed their confidence on AMMA and elected AIADMK for second time and after demise of Jaya, the party has split and spoiled its name beyond point of return. In this situation, DMK leader Stalin is pitching for CM chair and he is having grass root level participation of his cadre in every government action protest and thus become a ray of hope for the people of Tamil Nadu next time. And Kamala Hassan is not having any political experience nor have the guts to talk right. In that situation voters cannot believe him and place the seat of CM on his head. So I doubt.
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    Kamal Hassan is coming into politics is good. One more actor is turning to politics. The Tamilians in particular and South Indians in general are real great hero worshipers. Actors act on screen and politicians act in real life. So there is no much problem for actors to get adjusted as politicians or politicians getting adjusted as actors may not be very difficult. So chances for him to become CM are very high. Only one point to be seen is how about Rajanikanth. If he is also joining in politics then who will have better chances to become CM is a Millon dollars question. The present situation in Tamil Nadu is appears to be favourable to DMK. If Stalin can rope in Rajanikanth into his party by offering him either party president or Chief Minister,they will have better chances
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    Welcome to ISC, Yes, already people are comparing him as a future NTR. His presence or absence in the official chairs would depend on who his friends would be. He certainly has little chance on his own as even though the other parties are struggling, they would rally behind each other as a known rival is better than a friendly stranger. Kamal has been in the news media regularly and his presence and views on the reality shows have made this clear that he would be plunging into politics. Will form an alliance, will he go with BJP, or will he join forces with Rajanikanth needs to be seen? If he takes the dive solo, then Rajanikanth could spring in a surprise by throwing his hat too as his adversary. Coming to NEET, TamilNadu has been strongly objecting to NEET since the Jayalalitha regimen.

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