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    Hyderabad is getting a face lift, thanks to Ivanka Trump visit.

    Another 10 days from now, Ivanka Trump , the daughter of American President Donald Trump is going to visit Hyderabad to attend Global Entrepreneurship Summit and thus the whole city is getting a face lift for her visit and stay in the city. PM Modi would be hosting dinner in her honor at the Falaknama Palace and thus the whole stretch from Madina to Falaknama palace is getting face lift and even Charminar area is being beautified for the guests visit. We are thankful to her visit in advance.
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    It is somehow better if VVIPs are visiting cities in India. At least for that reason our infrastructure will get improved. At present the Hyderabad roads are not at all in good condition. Many places the roads got spoiled. The works started long back are also not completed so far. The commuters are facing hell lot of problems. So it is a good thing the roads are getting a face lift. But they will do this works in a hurry and they may not lost longs. By the time Modi reaches Delhi and US presiden’s daughter reaches US the roads here will become much worst than earlier. This is what I am observing from last 3 or 4 years. So I don't know whether we have to thank the visitors or not. The good news is that shortly Metros will start running . We have to see whether it gives any relief to traffic problems
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    I read it too, apparently, the official machinery is also getting rid of beggars from the areas that Ivanka Trump is due to visit.Whenever these international dignitaries or celebrities visit, then the municipal and civil work departments work overtime to keep everything spic and span so that the image of the city is clean and neat. Even in Bangalore, where ever such visits happen, there are many traffic police at key areas, half-hazard parking and public vehicles are streamlined, private buses are stopped well away from the planned routes and destination. roads are cleaned and most important garbage and big hoardings of political parties are brought down. If it's a national political leaders visits, then everything above happens in addition to plenty of flex banners and arches to welcome them.
    We can't blame them, like we all prefer to be presentable at functions and meetings, so too the city is made presentable!

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