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    The quad -are you aware about this ?

    The formation of Quad by the four countries has re-emerged as a topic of discussion keeping in view the renewed interest being taken by the nations, especially America, with a particular aim of containing the rise of China as a major power. Let us discuss the point taking into consideration the political, strategical and social effects and international relations.

    Quad, is a current topic of debate emerging these days in the corridors of Indian politics as four countries India, America, Japan and Australia are reviving the discussion about the formation of a group to deal with the dominance of China in south east Asia. And this could become a substitute for China's financial assistance to various countries which are undergoing a debt trap of China in the name of financial assistance.

    This topic of forming a quad has been in discussion from years and an initiative taken by the Japanese President is still under discussion as there is no formal announcement yet about its formation.

    What do you think about this quad? Will it be able to tackle the financial-power of china in Asian region?
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    I had read about this in newspapers.

    Such a co-operation has become imperative. However US and Australia always keep, their country's interest as priority. US love for others is depending on their hate for some others. I am afraid US should not lead us to a trap of needing to harbour their troops in some guise and pressure from them. US always likes to fight war on somebody's soil. They somehow enhance conflicts in other regions and profit from business of 'strategic help and support'. If we can see through that and keep our country;s interest top always and not succumb to pressures then this 'quad' can be of great confidence and strategy building opportunity for India.

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    I am coming across the fact about Quad for the first time. Good that India, America, Japan and Australia are teaming up against formidable China to make it weak. It is the fact that Chinese goods and services have been penetrated across the globe and even Americans are used to their products. That gave the Chinese to develop further more and enter those areas and countries which are weak and needs its help. We have been watching how China is supporting Pakistan just because Pakistan is our known enemy. It is funding that country, coming to support terror out fit as ordinary citizen. All these actions shows that China wants to dominate in this region and it is good that those four countries which are more powerful than China are teaming up and can be worrisome for China in future. But except India and Japan which are nearby but America and Australia are far away. How will there be unity and coordination in times of crisis ?
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    This informal group has started working for quite some time (at least six month or so). Modi's friendship with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and growing relationship with POTUS Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull are major factors for this quad. The group is working silently to contain China's growing influence in entire Asia in every front.
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    QUAD formation and working together against a common enemy and seeing that the enemy country will not dominate these four friendly nations is a good idea. At the same time we should be careful that China won't fight India through Pakistan and US will see from the shore. As opined by Venkiteswaran US and Australia will keep their interest in the first than others. So we should not get trapped in that. While safeguarding our countries interest at the highest level and the trying for containing China from becoming a do,inating country in the entire Asia. Japan is a different country all together. But US is a little selfish type. We should not get to their trap.
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    Quad, to me looks like an old gang based on the old quote, an enemy of my enemy is my friend for the time being. The countries under Quad America,Japan,Australia and India would join together to benefit from trade and economy.
    It's ironical that we have Asia-Pacific economic cooperation that includes America,Japan,Australia too except India. It looks like a double game theory where in India would be roped in as a key nation when in reality all the other three would benefit from bilateral trade and projects from India. If these three countries are genuinely respecting India and its achievements why can't they support our permanent seat at the UN security council.
    I don't think much would change except for some shift in investments and projects.

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    I think it will be good thing if a such a group is formally formed as it will give new dimensions to the relations of countries in this region and may be it would address the dominance of China in global business.

    The author has brought out a fresh subject for discussion and I think members including me will be benefited with this information on new front of global diplomacy.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Quad concept first came into existence as a post Tsunami exercise in 2004 to re habilate people by US, India, Japan, Australia. But as time progressed new aspirations emerged.
    To undertand Quad is and will be an informal group of these nations to meet Politico economic challenges in Asia Pacific.
    First though China factor is the dominant issue in this grouping their views are not same.
    First no country wants to proclaim an alliance against China for seperate reasons. This is being reiterated everytime they meet.
    US main interest is to contain a rising china and to ensure trade becomes favourable to US in region. US needs Chinese help in dealing with North Korea is a known issue. US at its retreating phase in global scenario does not want a hostile China.
    ForJapan Chinese are traditional rivals. They want to replace every investment China makes. Japan also having less youth population needs some place to invest like India. So Japanese are Seeing China as a big obstacle than other three.
    From Australia, they just want to bridge their trade deficit with China. They have no problem in Chinese rise politically.
    This is why Australia openely went out of formal discussions of Quad in 2008.
    For India it is political and economic rivalry. India sees a dominant China an obstacle if not threat in the region. Dumling of goods and territorial dislutes are yet to take Institutional debates.
    In this scenario with no convergence on many issues it is difficult to formalise a grouping.
    But with US out of APEC and even politically retreating it tries to bring in India and Japan as its proxies in Great Game east.
    China clearly dismisses every thing of this quad and is following Kautilya Realism of Mitra-Amitya theory in IR.

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    I am of the opinion that the renewed attempt to revive the quad theory at the insistence of the US need to be approached cautiously by India. America is a nation that is known to work for its personal benefits only. The coining of the term Indo-Pacific in place of Asia-Pacific, shower of praise on Sri Modi by Mr Trump (seems to have judged our PM very well) and the retaliatory assurance by our PM that India would try to live up to the expectations of the US (why?) can be seen as an indicator that we are slowly falling into the trap laid by the US. Other than India, the other partner nations of the Quad has personal interests and cannot actually move openly against China as such. That being the case, the formation of Quad does not appear to be an easy possibility. So, we will have to agree to the fact that the ultimate aim of the US is to create a military alliance utilizing the Indian support (of men and area) to further their interests in the region. The US has never been a reliable friend of India and we need to be aware of the same.
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