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    Never try to probe anybody. Instead try to understand them.

    Many of us are having a very bad habit and we take it granted that we are right and others are wrong. In fact we have the very bad habit probing others for their every action and deed as if we have been appointed to get the details by some authority. Every one does some work or the act according to their conscience and we are no body to interfere. Instead we can always try to understand a person about his quality, his strength and above all the advantages being with him or her. If we cannot understand a person, we have no right to criticize anyone.
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    Some people will have this habit but not all. Some people get interested in knowing what is happening and what others are doing rather than minding their own work. Generally it is not good. We should not interfere with others work and we should not probe into their issues. We are no way concerned to know their issues. Even why should we study about a person with whom we are no way concerned. If they come to us or if we want to go with them or we want make friendship with them, we can know about them. Otherwise it is also not required. We will have our own works and our own headaches, why additional burden on our head.Hence we need not spend time in understanding the people who are no way concerned with us. In our colony near our house there is a lady who is very curious to know about issues related to other people and other's issue. She will probe the people yo know about the issues related to neighbours and others near by. Many people try to avoid her because of this habit of her
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    I would disagree with you sir. Probing into a fact or Probity is something that we should encourage, it is nothing but a process that ensures that the other person is doing his or her work to the desirable level with honesty, integrity and is morally acceptable. When we interact with people at public gatherings, at work places or at government offices, we should be aware this because, if we start this then people would be careful about how they do their work. IF you lack probity and accept whatever is dished out to you, then the system slowly fails. Many government organisations and work places abroad, infact assess an employee based on his or her level of probity. Probity is like an inbuilt quality indicator. In ISC itself, we have many threads that questions the logic of some programs, individual views, corruption, functioning of a politician, biased views, the recent thread of unfair cc raised by a member is an example of probity because it reflects the value of honesty an integrity of the person concerned.
    The problem comes when some individuals in the guise of probity start a personal vendetta questioning each and everything, this often happens within extended families and colleagues/supervisors at work. Looking into the personal life of a public figure, maligning an individual character are not example of probity. So,by all means understand a person around you but if their action/work is a suspect, then focus on probity.

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    Probing means you are doubting someone as you want to find out the truth. Many people take it as a sign of aggresiveness and many others feel it offending if you probe them.
    The same results can be gathered with cordial behaviour but arrogant people prefer probing.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is some people's nature to inquire about the other person. We should try and not do that. Actually, I think it occurs because we try to make a social contact with them, by wanting to know their way of talking and getting to know their thoughts, how they converse. In order to do so, we happen to investigate them, which could create a 'not good' impact on the other person.
    What we can do is try to be nice and polite to the people we meet. Because "First impression is the last impression" as we all know. So, we should always try and make a healthy conversation with whosoever we meet.

    Do what inspires you !!

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