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    Home-Delivery from Government?

    Delhi is in the news for the right reasons too. Around 40 public services would be included in door delivery or home delivery. This includes Driving licenses, ration cards, and caste certificates.
    Government appoints facilitators (Mobile shaayak) will be the link between the citizen and the offices for water connection, marriage certificates, and others wherein people need not stand in the queue for long hours to get this done.For a new service, once we register, the authorized persons comes with the forms and documents to take it from us.

    Would it speed up the process or just add another step in the long drawn process of getting a government document? Can it be implemented in other states?
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    Already many private consultants , of course private, are available .If you phone up they will come to our house,collect all the required papers and do the needful. By going through them we will not spend much time . If personal presence is required then we have to go at that time and come back. This person will do everything,of course for a cost, and deliver the document through you. By going through them the work will be done fast. But you are tLking about Government appointed middleman. You have not mentioned about the payment part. Are we to pay anything extra for this ,if do how much. Are these people who are coming to you are being paid by the government? If the payment is by government these people will become like any other government servant. But it is outsourced to a private party then it is different. As far as I know it is good if really they do all that for a reasonable cost,it is a very good proposal and nice to get that things done by them
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    It is not an easy thing . Corruption would increase. The government official visiting home might expect to get their palm greased. It may stop us from standing on the queue, but it may increase our expenditure in one way or otherway.
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    Theoretically it appears a decent thing that Delhi Govt has inducted but whether they have so many persons to attend to such a large population. What is the efficiency of these people? Are they hired from some private agency or selected from the existing task forces?
    These are the questions which come to our mind because we all are victims of beaurocratic red tapism. If it is a new experiment let us hope and wish them all success because Govt services at the doorstep is a unbelievable proposition in our country.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Well the Idea mooted by Delhi government is good and welcome. But what I feel that the members who are supposed to form a bridge between the people and the service they want, would be employed from the ruling party and thus those cadres who are sulking without remuneration and post in the party, are given the chance to earn on their will. Though government says that the services offered are for free, slowly the performance charges would be levied and the beneficiary would be asked to pay. And all those money would benefit the karyakartas of the party and nothing more.
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    I feel this is another act by AK to show that they are in power as there are nothing to do in Delhi by state government. As told by Sun there will be corruption linked with anything. It was appreciated when he introduced odd and even scheme, but the link is more cars sold with every one having cars with both odd and even numbers and the scheme is closed within fifteen days.
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    I have read that there is a plan to home-deliver ration food items. Banks have been asked to give door-service to elder citizen-above 70 years.
    While physical home-delivery is welcome, the e-services fully depending internet and web sites has created a lot of problems. This is more when we need some clarifications, enquiries and complaints. We are not able to get anyone , but can do only through the online platform. Most of them are stereotype designed straight jacket templates and choices. We may no find what w need. When the net connectivity fails, or there are some technical issues, we are actually rendered helplessly dumb, blind and immobile.

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