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    Mysteries and wonders of writing

    Ever wondered how mysterious a writing skill is? At times you can easily put down your thoughts impromptu, while at other times you may face writer's block. Share your experiences on the art & skill of writing.

    Sometimes I personally feel writing is an unpredictable and a tricky job. Let me share my feelings here.

    One fine morning an outstanding writing idea comes to your mind and you think that by evening you will pen it down, but unfortunately, by then the idea vanishes.

    Sometimes even being busy with your work various writing topics, sentences, words throng back of your mind and you feel you could write on hundreds of topics on the spot. But at times even if you are sitting idle with notepad open in your computer, trying to think hard on what to write, your mind is blank and you are unable to think of even a single good topic.

    Many times while writing you become so poetic and use all sorts of good vocabulary, frame interesting sentences and write an attractive content. But sadly in the next paragraph the same magic disappears and you end up in framing a content which may sound ordinary when read.

    Sometimes you struggle to keep your writing within the word limits as you have countless ideas to express. Sadly at times, you struggle to reach even the minimum word limit when your mind is drained of ideas.

    There are times when you are able to express many things within a small paragraph. On the contrary, sometimes even an essay is not sufficient for you to express those few thoughts and you keep beating about the bush.

    At times writing a paragraph or two can be a cakewalk and just a matter of few minutes whereas sometimes it is not possible to achieve the same even in a day. The mind is a kitchen where the writing ideas are cooked and I would say work schedule for this kitchen is quite unpredictable.

    One thing is clear. There is no fixed schedule as to when good writing ideas will visit your mind and again vanish. Sometimes morning, sometimes evening and at times even middle of the night, ideas do not follow visiting hours as we human beings do. So next time when a great writing idea knocks the door of your mind, make sure you encash it as soon as possible.

    So I wonder with writing having so many ups and downs, what are the favorable conditions under which one can expect to write a good content? Well, I feel really there is no fixed schedule for the same as ideas are spontaneous. Still, a quiet environment, fresh, relaxed and peaceful mind added by a poetic mood can fuel your mind to cook some outstanding writing ideas.
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    Very interesting thread by the author. Creative writing is an art. It requires clear thought process as well as a command in the language one is trying his hand.
    Thinking something requires concentration and focus but bringing that in black and white is a form of art which only a few of us are at home.
    It is said that artist requires his mood and conducive environment to create a masterpiece. It is very very true about creative writing also.
    A good writer will be going on to write spontaneously till he has expressed himself completely. Only at the end he will come back for editing. While a novice will correct his each sentence many times to slide ahead to the next one. During such breaks he may sometimes lose the trail of the ideas he is pursuing.
    Creative writing is not everyone's cup of tea. It requires lot of concentration and shaping of ideas before the final product is ready for others to read.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    One day the king Sri Krishnadevaraya asked the greatest writer of that times, Sri Allasani Pedanna, that what are the conducive conditions and experience for a person to write something new. The reply given by him is, After having a good light food in the night, sitting in an Artsy and a person moving it slowly from the back and a beautiful lady giving pan leaves one by one for chewing and a person providing air with a hand fan in open on a day of full moon is an ideal atmosphere for him to bring out his best. Like this everybody will have their own set of conditions to bring in best out of them. Creative writing is not the subject of everybody. Only people we will have a good thinking mind and who can concentrate on the subject can only do that. Under certain conditions like peaceful atmosphere, good concentration of the mind without any deviations or distractions may give the people a good chance to come out with the best performance.
    always confident

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    What I have gone through has been nicely summarized and brought in focus by the author. Writing is surely a art and it develops when we go on writing and sharing. As you said some times some topic or the idea flashes in mind and we want to share even in this site. But over the passage of time, we forget completely and wont recover the idea at all. It is better to have a piece of paper and write the same topic on it , so that in the event of we forgetting the same, it can be remembered through the mention in the piece of paper. Some times before going to bed we get flash in our mind which we tend to postpone and forget it eventually.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent quality thread that's almost like an article. Finding a subject to write about meaningfully is difficult at times. Once we latch on to a topic, building on it becomes very easy but the difficult part is how much of the matter is relevant and how much of it is just rubbish. Then comes the task of organizing it in a manner that we don't look like fools in the eyes of the readers. Writing in as art that needs perfection and practice to pour your thoughts in black and white and with minimal effort. The favorable conditions include the key factor, a eureka moment, wherein a brilliant idea comes to our minds and then we are able to give in shape and form, this needs a little research, a couple of revisions and an environment that is calm and fresh.A good cup of coffee would certainly help us.

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    "Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on." – Louis L'Amour
    Writing is not a skill or art, but the way they write their content is what actually matters. Each and everyone writes, even I like writing but the person who actually portray their feelings and emotions behind the story or the content attracts the readers. If we a have a own style of writing which doesn't actually seems like the writing of others it may attract the readers.
    And a perfect piece of what you actually have written will be resulted out when one writes with heart and showing the connection, thoughts they have for the content. For me when I have a happy mood I start writing whatever I feel which is connected to my Mind.

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    A good narration and it aptly suited my situation too. I really wondered by seeing others writing. Even this thread really attracted much and a thought came how you have consolidated all the things in your writing about writing.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The thread echoes the same puzzle that agitates or churns in the minds of almost every member of this site.

    Many similar threads had come in this forum seeking to know from members, when, how, what and where 'you' are writing. It is like 'far away fouls have fair feathers'. Each one feels the problem is only for him/her and others are doing well. Actually the 'others' also is face similar issues and hesitations.

    There was a time I could pen poems on-the-spot. I used to scribble them on whatever piece of paper I find then. Many times I lost them, but a few I had collect and pooled in a separate note book.

    However my writing is now restricted to ISC. When I am travelling and observing various things or simply brooding, many ideas come to my mind. Like the nocturnal dreams they appear vivid and certain at that time. I would then think that I shall pen them down when I reach back home. But that never happens and just as the dream vanishes on waking up, all those which came to mind would have vanished without trace.

    Another side is that I may get a topic, get the necessary skeleton and start typing. But then I feel some kind of dissatisfaction, and think of refining it later. Then I lose interest or focus and it never occurs. So what I follow now is just to post impromptu whatever comes to my mind when I read the pages and/or when a topic is declared.

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    A very good narration what a writer has to go through while creating a write up with all ups and down. Sometimes things flow out in smooth fashion on a paper we don't have too put many efforts and sometimes all the things are in front of us but ideas don't strike.
    I write poems and these poems become good or bad depending on my mood but the mysterious thing about my poem writing is that I write good poems when I am very sad. Though I am writing things although these things aren't in exact words but express exact emotion.
    But when I am in cheerful I don't write that much good. Contradicting but sad mood makes my poems good.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Really a nice thread. Writing comes from the heart I feel. You pen down your thoughts when you feel like doing it. Once you start writing up your contents, you want to make it a sort of daily habit in you. Because you are in love with writing now. This is the same that happens to me also.
    Suddenly I get a thought, that yes will write on this topic today, and I start up with it immediately. Because once you start writing, the thoughts will automatically start coming up in your mind, as if they are ready to be pasted onto the piece of paper in front of you.
    The content long or short does not matter when you have the thoughts in your mind. Writing just started in my life, I never thought that I could write ever, but when I started, I felt really happy and motivated. I get delighted with every single post or article that I write. Writing inspires me, so I keep doing it.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    You beautifully noticed and displayed the tortures a writer experiences.
    I always tell this to people," Writing is a painful job. It is painstakingly hard to paint a story with your words. "
    Somedays you have a whole lot to write . The other days, you're as empty as a shell.
    I write poems and few short stories. I perfectly understand how the "magic" disappears. Because the beautiful boundless thoughts in your mind cannot survive your limiting skill.
    The magic you set in the first paragraph leads to the decline of following ones.
    Your work is self destructive!
    But always ask one question. Am I writing for audience or for myself?
    It is an incredibly crucial question. Never proceed before answering that question.
    As for the ideal writing environment you ask for, most of my ideas sprang up from my dream.' Let your subconscious take over you'.
    That is my advice.
    Because your subconscious is in constant connection with the universe. It is as limitless as the space itself.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Wonderful post by the author which summarises the dilemma of a writer, even I had faced every situation that you had mentioned in the post. Many times I get many topics in my mind to write down something but as soon as evening approaches and when I decide to jot it down, a simple re-think makes me feel oh it's not worth it. so I just drop the idea of writing that topic. I thought I was not only to lose track of things that I watch and observe, some topics die even before they are born, but after reading the thread and the response I am assured that I am not alone.

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    True, the word flow might not come in like in the first paragraph, towards the end. After reading some articles or posts, I have wondered how people could write so nicely. Sometimes we struggle to get words. We might know the particular word but can't just recollect it. It is such an awkward moment. What I normally do is I read as I write, so I get the flow. Sometimes I have even kept aside that piece of writing for later as I feel my brain is not working how I want it to be. Later, when I am refreshed, I might continue writing.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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