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    Why only engineering and medicine are selected for undergraduate studies?

    There continues to be a rat race for engineering and medicine degrees. What is the reason behind this? Why aren't more students opting for unconventional streams? Discuss.

    I always wonder on seeing a mass of youngsters running after the IITs and reputed Medical Colleges where only a very minimal percentile of those youngsters get into the above mentioned institutions. And the remaining, with disheartened results, join the colleges which they are not interested in.

    I got surprised after seeing the ground reality for preparation of these exams where the students get enrolled into the schools which teach the syllabus for IIT and medical examinations at the age of 10 literally from standard 5 or 6. The age where kids have to play are getting the syllabus of trigonometry which I learned in my tenth standard!

    I feel there is a need for a change in the present education system where people are running behind the techie and doctor careers. There are many unconventional courses which actually help the people to shape their careers and in turn serve the country as well. The unconventional courses include law, entrepreneurship, journalism, cinematography and many others.

    What your opinions regarding the change in the present education system in India?
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    we can not say that youngsters are running after engineering or medical degrees, there was a time when most of the candidates want to go for these sectors due to the opportunities. Earlier, there were many opportunities as the candidates were few which fight competitions for enough seats. Now the picture is totally opposite.
    Lakh of candidates appear for some thousand of the seats.
    Now mindsets of the youngsters are changing. they started for the opt for the unconventional streams of their career options.
    Earlier no one supports unconventional career options and these were not considered as the career as one do not get the money from it. Now the scenario is changing. There are many platforms to show one's talent.
    Many agencies come ahead to support the candidates who have the quality to do something different.

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    This is the fault of the parents. A boy or girl getting admitted to class VI even don't know what is the difference between IIT and ITI. But parents only think that their wards should be at the top of the list. How they will miss the simple logic that only one person can be there on the top of the list and for that making our kid a victim is meaningless. The corporate schools are encashing the craze of this parents to their advantage and making the teens to suffer. So the mindset of the parents should change. Education and IIT is not the only aim of this life. That should be understood by these people.
    In 1980s Engineering and Medical colleges are less and many students are not able to get admitted into these colleges. So there was a very big competition. But these days many colleges and many seats. If MBBS you are not getting in this country go to Russia and do your MBBS. So now the trend should change. Think a little differently and go special job oriented courses which will reward you better. But there is no point in making our life and the lives of the children miserable.

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    In this regard I blame it on the parents. They feel that without completing a Engineering or Medical studies, the education is not full and even in the society one is not regarded. Sometimes the child has the interest in polytechnic or even in law, but the parents insists that he study the engineering and thus his whole mind is diverted forcefully. Likewise just opting for BiPC in Intermediate does not mean that the candidate opt for Medicine. There are other fields like agriculture, bio technology, genetics and environmental. All the above subjects are equally good and has the demand in the market.
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    The trend is changing, engineering is not a favorite it was and medicine is not as noble it was. I'll just focus on these two.
    Every parent's dream is to educate their children to become a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. Let's take the medical profession, there are so many hurdles, regulations that a doctor who wants to practice medicine honestly is discouraged at many levels, if the public sector, they have to cope with a myriad of problems related to infrastructure, quality and internal politics, in the corporate sector they have face deadlines and targets. Often the doctors are the first to be targeted in both places. Next comes the violence against doctors, when anything goes wrong, relatives smash the place and physically assault the doctors.This is knowing well that response to medical therapy also depends on the patient's condition. If there are deficiencies in another service sector, they don't go and assault a politician, a business magnate. There are many doctor families who do not want to put their children into the same suffering.
    Moving on to engineers, there are so many colleges that are running half empty in many courses, many seats going untaken in counseling sessions. If you look at reports coming out in the magazines from early this year the figures quoted are that about 60% of the engineering graduates are unemployed (AICTE-All India Council for Technical Education).

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    It is not about the education system, it is about the mentality of the Indian parents. It is also about the environment that the parents have always seen during their childhood and similarly that they observe and shape up for their child.
    At our times also, there was an upcoming trend to do engineering and take up medical courses or pursue law, these are the degrees that attract the eyes of parents I feel. They consider education as the utmost important thing for their child but putting that as a burden to them.
    I have a neighbor of mine, she has enrolled her child who is only in class 7th, for the FIIT-JEE learning institute for the preparation of engineering competitions. When I told her that it is too early for him, and there was no need for it. She said, "Let it be, at least he will remain busy and it will benefit him at the end." Now, this type of thoughts in the parent's mind. I am not against it, but even I do not think that at such early age children should be burdened with competitive preparations.
    The unconventional courses have now become very famous and people are getting more aware of it because children today are opting for such courses. In fact, I would say, even some parents today help their child to take up courses of their own choice. In my neighborhood, there is one more example, one of my friends has opted for Fashion designing course as she had high interest in it. So, I would say now the trend is changing a lot. People are going up for these unconventional courses. But still, many parents have the same old thoughts about highly qualified degrees, which they want to impose the same on their children and sometimes the child for their parent happiness, follows it.

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    I agree with the author. After Grade X, people are interested in taking the Science stream only. That is a kind of status symbol. They consider all other streams to be of low class. After schooling, then the only option left for them is Engineering or Medical field. I think they are blind towards the other options in front of them. Our society is creating engineers and doctors not because students have an interest or the caliber but just for the status. What is the point if having such engineers and doctors?

    Another thing is not all the people who have taken engineering is working in the same field. After completing the degree course, they will attend PSC coaching classes and would want to get a government job or a job in the banking sector. If that was your aim, why did waste 4 years learning engineering? The answer is anyways known to all.

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    The author has pointed out a problem which is being faced by the students. There are various aspects of this ever-worsening situation. I must state that I myself had been a victim of this. Many students who don't want to pursue engineering and medical are forced to study these two subjects. They become engineer or doctor, but their mind remains elsewhere. They don't become good engineer or doctor. Similarly a student who is not at all interested .in studying science is forced to study this subject because of his/her parental wish. A girl in semi-rural area can't study science even if she is interested in science.
    I was very much interested to history or English, but was forced to study Mathematics because I scored more than 90% marks in both Xth and Xth standard in Mathematics. In Science stream, I was fascinated by Chemistry, but was not been able to study this subject.
    I studied some of my favourite subjects after joining Govt. service. But many people are not that fortunate.
    But what is the reason behind this. I think lack of opportunities in every field in the country is the prime factor for such unhappy situation. Till such time, students get good opportunities in various branches of humanities, languages, commerce and in general stream of science, this situation will continue. Students will be forced to study those subjects which they may not like.

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