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    I am a new member to Indiastudychannel

    I am a new member to this Indiastudychannel. I need your guidance and advices to perform well.
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    Wishing you a warm welcome to ISC. For guidance & advice from us, simply post a forum thread and have your doubts cleared about any feature or section's guidelines once you have gone through the useful Help Topics and Sectionwise FAQs.

    Explore the site and go through approved posts in the various sections. It may take some time to grasp what is what, but once you take off, you will be having a seamless journey. You could begin your journey at ISC with active forum participation, submitting threads on topics which would elicit animated discussions and join in the equally lively debates in other threads. Move on to answering queries in our Ask Expert section and then start submitting articles too.

    Don't forget to keep an eagle eye on the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum, as these are the important ones which announce guidelines, policies, contests and awards - you could be in the list of winners, too, one day!

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    A warm welcome to India Study Channel. It is nice to have you here. I hope your contributions on this site will enlighten the members with very good knowledge. You can also get benefitted by going through the various sections of this site. All the best to you and a nice time here on this page.
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    Warm welcome Shanmuga, Great to see one more new member added to the list of over 9 lakh candidates already registered as our esteemed members and they are contributing their knowledge in different sections. Please note that this is a International education site, and we seek information and sharing of thoughts from members on varied subject. What ever you share or write here must be of your own and not copy pasted from any source. As long as you share self written contents in this site, you are not only going to get name and fame but also start earning some decent amount. So you are not going to waste time here. If you have any doubts, please go through my profile page and see how I have performed for over 8 years and how I was awarded and rewarded and including my earning spree in this esteemed site. You can also excel more than me provided you have the zeal to write and share.
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    Mr. Shanmuga: As a Member of this site, I welcome you. I hope we (the existing Members) can also learn from your knowledge and experience. Please go through various Sections and Sub-sections of this site and start contributing regularly.
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    Welcome to the growing ISC family, first few days you can scan through the forum and article sections.In the forum, you can read the thread, view the answers already posted and express your opinion in the form of a short paragraph or two. Generally, we do not reply to forum threads or posts that are more than 10 days old.
    You can read the articles and respond to it by adding further details relevant to it. Once you go through the articles, if you find that you can also contribute an article on similar lines, then please read the article help topic and start off.
    You can also check the ask the experts section, if you find any questions that are in your field of interest or profession, then you can reply but be cautious as irrelevant replies will be stuck off. All the very best.

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    Welcome to the ISC family. You have chosen a right family to improve your writing skill and enhance your knowledge and share your area of expertise. Take the guidance and advices rendered by the other members. All the best.

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    Hearty welcome Mr. Shunmugaselvam to the wonderful ISC platform. Take the above guidance and shine like a star in this site. All the best!
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    Shunmugaselvam, a warm welcome to ISC, the best educational portal in India! You have been guided sufficiently by our ME and other members. Please acquaint yourself with the requirements of this site and start off. All the best!
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