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    Do the chemists has the right to change the medicines prescribed by the doctors ?

    Medical fraternity is growing and daily new medicines are found to heal those who are suffering with modern and new diseases. The doctors are also well informed about new drugs and their effectiveness through the regular visits of medical representative to them. So the doctors are bound to recommend new drugs as trials on the patients. But to our misfortune, the chemist might not know about the new medicine and thus he shall change the prescription of doctor and gives the medicine on his own judgement and calculations. Is that right ?
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    There are many confusions regarding the doctor prescribing a medicine and a chemist dispensing the medicine.The present government issues mandatory guidelines for the doctor to prescribe the medicine only in the generic name (eg: paracetamol) and not in the tradename (Dolo 650). This was to prevent doctors and medical representatives colluding to push or sell a particular brand of medicines.
    Now once we issue a prescription, irrespective of what the brand is, many chemists dispense what they have and sometimes based on the margin available on the product. For example, an antibiotic, an original molecule from a reputed brand(Augmentin) will be more expensive than the other product from a fairly new company. By and large, most doctors prescribe what they are familiar with and what has given results in their previous patients. For instance, there are many brands of paracetamol but only a few at the same strength gives you results than other.
    So, yes they can change and site the above reason as an excuse. Stick to your regular doctor and a regular nearby pharmacy wherein both know you and the chances of buying a substandard product will be less likely.

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    Strictly speaking for generic medicines doctor need not specify a particular brand. Once he gives he mane of the active ingredient and its dosage a patient can go for any brand which exactly matches with the prescribed active ingredient and its dosage. But no doctor in India is not doing that. They go by the trade name. But if we go to a generic medical shop and show him, if that medicine is available on the list he will give that. You can compare the active ingredient and you can use it. You can show it to the doctor and use it. Certain special medicines may not be available in generic medicines. Then you have to go to other shop and take the medicine basing on the trade name also. Here also the chemist will have another brand he will offer that. We may compare or refer doctor and use that. It is always advisable to go for a good company product rather than a new small company.
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    I think it is not right to change the medicines prescribed by the doctors. I have not yet seen any such chemist who would be doing it. But have heard from people, there are many chemists when they do not have the asked medicine, they will give a suitable similarly curing medicine to the buyer. At times, it is fine for small diseases. But should not always be preferred, because that could affect our health badly.
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    Normally same combination of medicines are manufactured by different companies and hence the chemists exercise their rights to change the brand.
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    Normally they wont. Some pharmacists gives equivalent that too with the cocent of the patient or prescription bringing person. To avoid this,it is better to buy medicines from pharmacy at the hospital or near to the doctor's clinic. Once I went to a pharmacy for continuation medicine as the doctor's clinic was at distance. As the specific medicine was not available, the pharmacist,with concent of mine, contacted the doctor over phone for equivalent and gave as per the doctor's advice. But in many cases, pharmacists just tell 'not available' and some of them gives alternate only on the insisting of patients/prescription bringing persons.

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    'Normally the same combination of medicines are manufactured by different companies and hence the chemists exercise their rights to change the brand'.
    Sir, the problem is although the combination or the generic name is the same, the quality matters a lot. They are many companies of antibiotics but any doctor worth his salt and pharmacist true to his conscience will tell you, brand X is better, although it comes with a little higher price tag, the quality is good and it works better than brand Y which is a cheaper brand. in patients who are sick and critically ill in ICU, getting the medication that has the genuine molecule becomes vital to the survival. By trial and error and with the passage of time you can notice that your family doctor sticks to a particular brand as he/she would have noticed the good results from previous patients. The sad part is substitution is also being done by professional for personal gain

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