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    Do you think sitting in front of computers and food habits will decide to give birth to boy or girl?

    As we all know that till date there is no scientific theory whether the mother or father will responsible to give a birth to a baby girl or baby boy.As some people say, father sperm will decide some people will say, Mother egg cells will decide.But some people are saying that sitting in front of computers for many hours and food habits are also one of the factors for deciding to give birth to a boy or girl.Do you think sitting in front of computers and food habits will decide to give birth to a boy or girl?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    All rubbish. The deciding factor about the baby in the womb is not known even after three months and then there would be symptoms of either boy or girl. But government has banned scanning for that information as even the maternity homes are not able to say right. However the village women who are well versed with attending the labor pains at the village itself know about the secret but they are also tight lipped about the new law in force. For me boy or girl is the blessing of the God and the couple should be thankful to the almighty for bestowing with the kid and that is enough.
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    The sex of a child is determined when the baby is conceived, which means when the sperm fertilises the egg. Basically, it is the chromosomes that decide whether the child will be male or female. Females have only XX chromosomes, while the males have the XY chromosomes. It depends on which chromosome fuses with the female egg. If the X chromosome fuses the child will be a female if the Y chromosome fuses the child will be a male.

    This is a biological fact, everything else is rubbish. It is the male who determines the gender of the child.

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    I don't think these factors mentioned by the author will have any say in deciding to give birth to a boy or girl. All these are unnecessary points. The scientists working in the field may be able to tell a more valid scientific reasoning about the deciding factor of the gender of the baby going to delivered after nine months of conceiving. But the habits of the parents may not decide the gender of the baby going to be born.
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    Courtesy from

    Could eating certain foods actually help determine the sex of your baby? A new study showed that women who are breakfast cereal, and who consumed more calories overall, gave birth to more boys, while those who skipped breakfast altogether gave birth to more girls. According to an article on, researchers "hint at a sex-selection bias among humans that is similar to that seen in other animals, which favors male births among the well-fed mothers and female births among the mothers who are less well nourished." One of the researchers, Fiona Mathews, Ph.D., explained that this also supports the reason for a slight decline of male births in industrialized countries such as the U.S.

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    It is the male who determines the sex of the baby and not the female and this happens immediately after fertilization. The female carries only XX chromosomes and the male carries XY chromosomes.If the X chromosome of the female fuses with the X chromosome of the male the foetus develops into a female and if the X Chromosome of the female fuses with the Y chromosome the foetus develops into a male. Having cereal for breakfast or skipping breakfast or viewing or sitting in front of computer for longer periods will not determine the sex of the baby.Maybe these habits may cause infertility issues

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    There are many such suggestions, lying on the right side for a few hours, the most feeble sex in the union has more chance of being replicated( a feeble husband has more chance of producing a son) based on 'the debilitating regimen', even Chinese technique is reported.
    What's proven by science is that for a male child one Y chromosome is needed, males/fathers carry XY and females/mothers carry XX. The rest is to chance and it's not easy to predict a boy or a girl.

    It is a CRIME to disclose or even to ask for the sex of the unborn child as per Indian Law. Doctors or sonologists can be jailed and taken off the medical register for these in India for the fear of threat to an unborn female child.
    Whatever the sex of the child, I feel we should be thankful to God for blessing us with a child, there are hundreds of childless couples who run from pillar to post, spend lakhs of rupees to be able to conceive and have the joy of holding their first child.

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    Sitting in front of computer does not ensure presence or absence of Y sex chromosome which is responsible for male child. However, research is going on regarding the relationship of food habit and sex chromosome, but nothing conclusive has been found so far.
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    Life style and food habits can affect fertility. Certain life styles, career related matters like exposure to hot environment, radiation, chemicals in long term can cause infertility . Some are reversible and some irreversible.

    However, as our proven knowledge stands now, gender selection is done by the act of nature and we do not have the full knowledge how externally control for that.

    Traditional native beliefs and certain non-research texts suggest how to conceive a child male or female. The suggestions also include foods to be taken by husband and/or wife, the days to have the physical relationship,

    The problem with so-called 'unscientific' methods is the lack of dependable empirical data extracted from controlled and monitored research.

    Hence we can now only say that gender selection of child is not possible by any conscious act of the mother/father pair.

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    Sitting in front of hours means the (stress level) and radiation from the computer will decide to give birth to boy or girl?. If not the absence of Y- Chromosome weak Y-chromosome can be produced so inactive Y-chromosome reluctant to interact with X- Chromosome of the female.
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    Sperms carry both X & Y chromosomes. The gender of the child will depend on the chromosome the sperm was carrying. If the sperm is carrying an X chromosome, the baby born would be a female. If the sperm carries a Y chromosome the baby born would be a male.

    External factors can affect the sperm count. Such as men working in hot conditions (like in a furnace or boiler room) have a lower sperm count. But, there is no evidence that establishes that external factors contribute to the sex of a foetus.

    Please note that it is the chromosomes that decide the sex of a baby. And sperms have an equal number of X & Y chromosomes. It all depends on which chromosome the sperm carries.

    And, it is the strongest sperm that fertilises an egg.

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    We know far too less about the process of pregnancy and birthing in humans. Because there are so many things that differentiates us from animals in this issue. One main problem is humans being bipedal;I.e..; two legged.
    This lessens our hip area. That changes the whole geometry of womb.
    Determination of sex my friends, isn't totally on chromosomes. There are so many things that can be factors of gender determination.
    Did you know that we all were once a woman?
    Because reproductive organs are the last to be formed. That is why men have nipples.
    And it is the last three months that determine the actual sex.
    For an instance, eggs at higher temperature hatch a male while at lower temperature a female.
    Just like chemical reactions, human embryo too is a function of temperature and pressure.
    And who knows, sitting before computer, compressing our hip area, we are increasing the pressure and temperature to a great degree.
    It surely should have some effect on embryo.
    Maybe it is one of the factors in sex determination. It can't be ruled out completely.

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    Is it a trend nowadays to ignore what science says and accept all the rubbish that is unproven and sometimes outright outrageous? Juana has multiple times replied to the thread explaining how gender is decided in humans and the explanation can be easily verified through a little research online or through science textbooks.

    You are a young educated guy and should not talk such rubbish. The human body has a lot of vestigial parts that trace our biological evolution. Male nipples are one of those things. We also have a tailbone and an appendix which don't serve any purpose. In the reproductive system of humans too there are vestigial parts.

    As for heat affecting that gender of the embryo, the mentioned science is applicable for reptiles and teleost fish and not for humans!

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    Sitting in front of the computer for too long can make dealy in you getting conceived. Wifi and the radiation are not at all good for conceiving or for the baby. In school, What I have studied is X and Y chromosomes are the determinant factors which determine the gender of a child. However, I am not ready to believe this new concept.
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    Ankit, I think we need to be open minded.
    No one knows a 100% about this topic.
    I just consider all probabilities. "A butterfly effect" a small change can cause huge consequences.
    I'm merely believing that anything can happen.

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    @Ankit All that what we read in Science textbooks is not true. For Example, Consider H20 water molecule say a bond angle is some xyz degrees and it is different in different books which is correct nobody knows.And some people will question how water molecule has a bond angle.You Know A graphite under tremendous temperature and Pressure will turn in to Diamond.But if you apply that much of Temperature in real time it is not possible so how you say that particular centigrade that graphite turns into Diamond.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    We should always be skeptical, that is the base of a scientific temperament. A scientific theory which cannot be proved by experimentation is something that leaves room for speculation. However, that does NOT mean that we believe ANYTHING. Everything has a cause and reason. Nothing happens on its own and if you don't have an answer doesn't mean you make up one till proven wrong.
    Gender determination in humans is a well researched and observed topic. There is no ambiguity here and we know 100% about this that we are not wrong. Your intentions might not be wrong but your path definitely is. You need to learn where you apply speculation and where to apply the existing, well researched proven scientific theories.

    Bond angle in an H2O molecule is a mathematical value which can be tracked to many decimal digitals for accuracy. For liquid water, the value is not as precisely known: 105.5° (calculated) and 106° (experimental). Comparing an integer value which is in decimal to a binary-based question of male/female shows how less you are aware of how scientific experiments are conducted.

    Please let ISC remain a place to learn actual science. Don't spread superstitions or pseudo-science of your own.

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