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    People who have advice for everyone

    You can find a person like this everywhere who has advice for everyone but never implement that advice to his or herself. They keep bothering you with their advice even when you don't want them. And when you confront them they can give you advice or suggestion that why you should not confront anyone like this.
    This situation is funny but these people are really irritating and if they are around you just run away from them because you can never confront them.
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    Yes, there are many people who keep giving advice to everyone. If that person is an elder, then his experience must be allowing him to tell his juniors the needed advice and we can always listen and follow them.
    But if people of our age are giving any advice, then we should listen if our thought allows. Because at that time, everyone will be having different experience and opinion and it is not necessary that we also would agree with their thought or opinion. So, I am sure we will all be thinking that way.

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    Yes, a wise advice from an elderly is often accepted.Some people have a habit to go around and give unwanted advices. Specially advices on serious matters should be taken only from a qualified person. I know many people start giving medical advices ,when someone falls sick or is serious .Sometimes even we seek advice from our close ones,when we are in distress. My advise is to seek advice from respective qualified people or counsollers.

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    There is a saying that 'It is easy to advise others than to do oneself'. We can see this in the case of behaviour also. Many will advise us 'don't behave like that in front of others'. But this advisor will forget it when it comes his turn. Generally in most cases advising is easy but not implementing. That is the problem.
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    Many people give us free advise, some do it from their personal experience, some advise us on matters of life based on their maturity and many elders at home advise us for the love they have for us. These people don't mean harm and in fact, they would be hurt to see us going in the wrong direction or committing a mistake. We should be thankful to such individuals. On the other hand, there are people who belong to the other group who advise because they feel they have a right to, they think that by advising they are superior or we would be obligated to them for the unsolicited advice. I don't think we should pay too much attention to such people. It would be a necessity that we should interact with them but many times simply ignoring them subtly would be far better than confronting them.

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    Yes, there are some people like that. They are actually spoiling their image by doing so. We need to implement things on ourselves before preaching. Otherwise, no one will ever respect you or give value to your words. If you can't follow it, stop advising others. That is the best one can do.
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    It is is to preach, but difficult to follow. We can advise many things to many people but how far we are implementing our sayings before we say to others is the question. It is very easy to advise others. But why should we do that. Unnecessarily involving in the issues of other people itself is not good. No one should give advises which are unsolicited. No one will take that advice. Even in the houses also many elders give advises to their younger generations. But they will not understand the problems that will be faced by the younger generations in implementing that advise, Is it required? Is it appreciated and is it solicited? Think these three points before advising the others on any issue. It is welcome not involve in other's issues.
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    We must give advice to those who are ready to listen (only to listen but to follow using their own judgement). If a person is not even ready to hear, we must not waster our time to advise them. That would be wastage our own valuable time.
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    Yes,it is normally told that advising others easy but following. Similarly we can advise others as well get advise from others easily. This hurts others in most cases. But according to me,such advices also helpful to us sometimes. Last week I suffered with chronic cough and cold. On getting tablets and syrup through a doctor also went vein. Yesterday morning I told this problem to my co brother casually. He advised me to chew two cardomoms unskinned and consume some hot water. I did accordingly and get rid of from my problem.

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    As we all know, yes people of such nature exist in our world. According to me what i believe is that many of them advice us because they might have done the same as what we are doing and had faced a worse situation in their life and they dint want us to face it . I too know that advice's are always irritating but each one of us know the fact that advice's are just to make us stand for all the rights in our life and so that others may make us as their role models.

    we can take the example of parents advising children and even teachers advising students. In both the cases they all do so because no parent or teacher want their ward or student to ruin their life and they all want everyone to be the best in the world.

    We cant say that advises will ruin our life but in turn they will help us to understand our mistakes and thus to react properly as per the situations.
    I would like to conclude by saying that once we will advice others too....

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    Yes, very correct. There are some people in the society who have such traits. They will give you all sort of unasked advices.

    You have a feeling of repulsion when you see such people approaching to your direction. They do not wait for others to talk rather start the monologues them selves.

    Even if you have one person like that in your friend circle it is enough to make every one fearful and jittery on sighting them.

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