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    Joining library completely new experience

    Although I have visited library many times and issued many books and I even enjoy reading books.
    But joining library is a completely new experience you get to see how much people around you are studying and even get inspired by them. Even little kids around you are coming and issuing books and reading them and the happiness you see on their faces when you see them reading those storybooks is marvelous.
    When you see the whole world out there lost in their android phones and world of internet library gives you a different experience away from all the distractions.
    You can get all the books in pdf freely available on the internet but still, the happiness that the real books give you is definitely amazing.
    These days I am enjoying this amazing world of books by being part of this world.
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    That's really very interesting. Are yor working in a library or have you become a member of one? Both ways, it is really interesting. I have very special relationship with some libraries both in Kolkata and in Delhi.

    Enjoy the happy experience in the library. Make books your best friend.

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    Are you working as a librarian or you are taking books from a library after becoming a member. The doubt is because you have written ".... issued many books". Book issuing is done by a librarian while a member of the library takes a book for reading.
    Anyway it is always a pleasure to read a book of interest. Some people may be interested in poems, some others in stories, like that. After reading a few books one can find out what type of books are more interesting. Then select more such books and read. However the habit of reading is to be encouraged because that only help one to increase knowledge.

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    Yes visiting a library during the spare time is a very pleasant way to spend time and at the same time gain knowledge.If one loves reading and learning, time flies away in the library. I remember being in a children's library and getting comic books home to read. Next was the visit to libraries for academic and non-academic reading. Before the widespread availability of the internet, one had to spend hours in the library, tracking, reading, pull out references and cross-references to complete an article. It used to be fun to interact with people who are around your table and over a cup of coffee in the small canteen learning about other options to study and entrance exams.
    The library was an important part of student life. Now with the world wide web, I feel, the relevance of the library has come down. As adults, it is up to us to encourage our children to cultivate the habit of visiting a library, searching through the section and borrowing books and returning them with responsibility. Yes real books give more satisfaction than e-books.

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    Library and good collection of books will never vanish even though the electronic media is spreading throughout the world. Reading a book leisurely sitting in a quiet place can not replace with an e-reading gadget. The importance of books are clear from the increasing number of titles and publications throughout the world.
    Fortunately I am a person working volunteerly with a library for the last 35 years or more. I was the President of the library committee earlier, while I am the Secretary of it continuously for the last ten years. We have a collection of 40 thousand plus books covering most of the topics. Recently the library was modified and added the space for book storage. More than four thousand members are there who utilize this library.

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    I have joined library to read books. And issuing was meant to be me getting books which I issued from library but I used the terms wrongly so sorry for the misconception and thank you for giving your valuable responses to add up with my experience at library.
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    My appreciation to the author for taking pain to visit the library and involve herself to read and refer books personally which is a great move as in this world of this juncture, people are downloading the books in the pdf format and reading them in their cell phones. It is illegal to read the books thus down loaded and it is the injustice done to the author too. By going to library one can have the refreshed mind and gets lots of inspiration from others who are already reading there. And that pin drop silence makes you to read more and seek guidance from others who might have just gone through some good books.
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    Spending time among books and reading them is a different world altogether and I have always enjoyed it. When you watch those who are reading a book, you may not realize how much they are enjoying and how much they are lost while reading it. Times flies by very easily.

    I have not yet found that joy of reading through e-devices, I have enjoyed more by flipping through pages. Sometimes I even think of starting a small library at my house but it seems like not a feasible idea.

    I have the same the question as 61591617, 61592117. Being a member of a library was awesome but how does it feel to be a librarian? I would love to get a job there. Either way, it's nice you have found a place among books.

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    Going regularly to library itself a good/great thing and becoming a member in a library is still a great one. I wished to become a member in a notified library in chennai. I approached them for procedures,they told it was so simple with nominal fees and gave a small application card by telling to get attestation from a gazetted officer. As I was new to chennai and I didnot know any Gazetted officer, I approached my maternal uncle who was a government official for help. He told that he knew a person (friend) in the library itself by so and so name and asked me to enquire whether my uncle could sign. I went to the library again and asked a staff about the person told by my uncle. On hearing the name of the person he saw me differently and show a room in the upstairs. By seeing the room, I also shocked as the person I searched was the librarian. I without thinking further,went inside and told my uncle's question after self introduction. He simply told me,'why he has to?,I will sign.' Then with much happy I went to the registering staff, he,by simply seeing the card asked me fetch rubberstamp of the signed person. On hearing that the signed person was nothing but their librarian, they gave me more respect. Since then I am a member of the famous library. I cannot forget this incident and remember my uncle and the librarian by my lifetime and this was happened in 1984

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    It is a real good experience to go to a library and reading books by sitting there. because these days nobody wants to read a physical copy of the book. All books are available on the internet. Open them and read them. But oldtimers like me who spent hours together in the library for getting the information needed. Still, I remember those days, I used to go to DR.V.S.Krishna Memorial Library of Andhra University and sit morning to evening to get the required information. But these days the same information we are getting within minutes by doing the google search. But the real satisfaction you get when you take out a book and read it can't be explained. Sometimes I was not able to get the required information for hours together. But once we find the information in one of the books I used to feel very happy.
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