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    Sabarimala pilgrimage season started on 17th November

    Sabarimala pilgrimage of this year started on 17th of November. Actually it is the first day of Malayalam month Vrischikam, the day on which the Mandala season begin. From this day onwards devotees start to visit this Ayyappa temple. Generally the idol Ayyappa is referred as 'Dharma Sastha'. The devotees are supposed to fast in the night during the period from the day on which they wear a special chain (of rudraksha) and identify as an Ayyappa devotee. They have to lead a life of Brahmachari. Only after visiting the temple and completing all rituals they return and enter into routine life.
    Sabarimala is located at the Periyar Tiger Reserve in the Western Ghat ranges of Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. It is one of the largest annual pilgrimages in the world with an estimated 45 to 50 million devotees visiting every year. The temple is on a hill top, altitude of more than four thousand feet above sea level. This hill is amidst 18 hills with forest.
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    Nice summary of this holy place that many people from different states visit. From Karnataka, many people visit this place. Must admire the true devotees who stick to their time, have a cold bath, visit the temple and wear the black or orange dress. Many of them have a change in their behavior and how they interact with people. I've visited once without the religious fasting, hence could not climb the 18 steps. It was a unique experience visiting Guruvayur and other temples on the way.

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    The temple and pilgrimage has become much popular now.

    In the earlier days there was only three main seasons fo the pilgrimage- the Mandalam season of 41 days in Nov-Dec, Makara vilakku season for a few days around January mid and the Vishu season just a few days around April 14/15.
    The mountain/forest routes prescribed were separate for each season. That was to help the wild animals to move away and avoid man-animal conflict. Pilgrims had less choices and also trek more in those days.

    At present as the conveyance , communication and other facilities have improved, the pilgrimage has become very easy, convenient and comfortable except for the ever increasing crowd. That creates long queues and waiting for Darshan. But there are at least three roads from Pampa to the Temple which has made the trekking somewhat simple and less strenuous. Now the temple is open continuously for most days except a couple of days from Nov 15 to Jan third week. Every Malayalam month the temple is open for a couple of days coinciding the end of one month and beginning of next month.
    Along with the increasing pilgrims, and income to the government there is also increasing controversy being created. Recently the Kerala CM reached the temple to oversee the arrangements for the pilgrim season.

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    Yes the Sabarimala season has started and the ardent devotees are seen performing the Puja's daily with much reverence and dedication. Most of the the devotees have booked the journey tickets in advance and wants to be present at the hill on Makara Jyothi day. But many does not want to involve them in the rush and have inconvenience later due to possible stampede due to heavy rush this time. Some are leaving to Sabarimala before hand and finishing their rituals even before the Sankranthi day. It all depends on the time and the patience of a particular devotee as this Ayyappa rituals needs lots of patience to a person.
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    The temple is very popular in Kerala and this season is known as 'Mandala Kalam' in the state. We can see many people visiting the temple during this season. Some people who can't make it, just stick on to the vegetarian diet for 41 days. What I like the most about this season is that the Ayappa songs we hear everywhere in the temple, sung by the Ayappa devotees and so on. It is an auspicious month for Hindus.
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    Yes. The Ayyappa Diksha time has come. Many people from both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will take up this Dikha. They follow all the rules and regulations very carefully. They will visit the temple with so much respect to the God there. Generally while coming back they will visit other important places around that place and come back. There are people from all levels who undergo this Diksha and visit the place. In fact, many people who observe this Diksha will become more disciplined in their life. They practice the good points they learned during this Diksha. Not telling lies, not drinking and having a systematic life of getting up early, doing the cold water bath and then performing puja will become a routine for them. once they take this Diksha. I have seen who got changed completely in their way of life and behaviour after practising the requirements during this Diksha.
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