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    Imagine ISC was a site requiring membership fees and renewal charges

    ISC has many creative writers. Let us don our creative coat and magic wand to do the magic now.

    We are privileged that we all joined ISC by our own volition and at no cost too. Even then we are free to place our demands, wishes, suggestions and critically analyse and review the working of the site. The ISC establishment is also accommodating and magnanimous to a very large extent.

    Now, just for a imagination, let us assume ISC had charged us the membership fees and taking the renewal charges. How our approach, attitude, performance and expectations would have been in those situation?

    Please come with your creative responses.
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    At first, the traffic will be very low. But advertisements will all be gone because we pay to get into the site. The members will be very low.
    You are supposed to renew your membership every year/month, despite your limited contribution.
    But that defeats the whole purpose of ISC.
    Learning and earning at the same time won't happen. Because logically speaking, you're on loss. You won't be able to make 300 Rs a month on ISC but you're paying 350 Rs for renewal a month.
    Now that is absurd right? Soon, the members will stop contributing.
    ISC sadly, will be shut down or brought by someone else.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    If ISC introduces registration fees and renewal charges, Only the article section would survive. All other sections will die down.
    No life without Sun

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    I really appreciate the author that he describes the highlight of the ISC by asking the imaginative question.

    I feel it is another way of writing and put to think on those lines which may enable members to evaluate their self in this place.

    It depends on how much they charge for renewal and what one is earning.

    @Aditya what you say is direct earning by ISC but there are members who are really enjoying the hidden earning.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Very Good What if scenario sir, it depends on What is the incentive to stay on ISC? a virtual interactive group with common interests? a modern barter system wherein we get paid for our contributions? virtual sparring partners? a window to look at current topics and human qualities? or just a means to keep us occupied like reading a newspaper?
    ISC is certainly offering us the goodies and a platform to interact. Hope it doesn't change a lot. Now and then regularly there is a thread about payments, a mismatch in points total, cc not given, Job and article posting rights and credits. So, revenue to the members is also a key feature that keeps them active. If there were annual membership and renewal fees, then only the serious players will think, Experts in Job posts, Ask the experts would stay o, Senior members would hang around, Article authors would think about registering, Forum players would sadly move on unless they are addicted to the ISC family.
    But many may not mind paying a nominal fee which I think will lead to a whole host of new problems as it becomes a paid service and client may start becoming more demanding.

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    Pheeww!! I hope that never happens, but if it does as stated by Aditya, the advertisers will surely go away and maybe only those who very serious about writing would consider joining the site. College/School students may or may not join.

    Again as stated by Mr. Natarajan, if the whole deal is paid, users might have unrealistic demands from the site as well which may not go too well.

    I guess enough of imagining, I am glad that we are able to contribute and a good reminder by the author about our privilege on this site. Sometimes we take things for granted till someone puts a price tag on them that makes us realize how valuable that was.

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    For me if ISC starts charging registration fees and later renewal fees every year, I shall be glad to part with. For the information of all members for me earning money is not the criteria here and my amount in various sister sites are still deposited with respective sites and not claimed even after 6 years. This shows I am not concerned about earning money here and if at all money comes on my performance that would be bonus inspiration for me. Like wise I would be glad to pay for registration and renewal too. When we are paying for cell phone recharge, then why not to ISC which is helping us to acquire knowledge.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very wild imagination by the author. If ISC becomes a pay channel the member's continuation on the site depends on the amount they decide as member admission fee and then the renewal fee. Senior members who got addicted to the site may pay the fee if it is reasonable. But the concept of ISC is to encourage new members and more members. If you see the way encourage the new faces many new people like to come. But once they decide on some fees many new faces may not come and for the senior members who are paying the registration fee and then renewal fee regularly the chances for winning the awards by them will enhance. Members will become more demanding. They will become customers and their demands are to be satisfied.
    always confident

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    I will never join a site where the registration charge and renewal charges are higher than the CC earned. If it is a fun related site to enjoy, I won't mind to pay some sum as entertainment fee.
    No life without Sun

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    I don't think this as an imaginary and casual thread from the author. It has an inherent message for the betterment of the site and the membership enrollment system surely needs a review. Also, the response by Ms.Saroja -"@Aditya what you say is direct earning by ISC but there are members who are really enjoying the hidden earning" has a merit in her argument. The views expressed by two seasoned members can not be ignored and I personally feel that there should be a membership fee and renewal for those who attain Gold level and get approved their AdSense account based on the performance in ISC. Such members can be treated as Premier members and membership fee at this level would mutually help both ISC and the members.

    Not speaking here as a member of the Editorial team but as a member associated with ISC for the last four years, I have seen many members leaving the site simply after earning sufficient Ad Sense revenue and learning the basic elements of a website and a blog. Though I am associated with Ad Sense account, I have no earning so far but the passion towards ISC and the responsibility entrusted to me by the management made me to continue here. I have seen the trend of neglecting ISC after getting well with Ad Sense even from some Editors.

    So, there should not be any membership fee for enrollment in the initial stage i.e at entry level but the secondary level stage that is at the level where a member fulfills the Ad Sense eligibility criteria, ISC should charge some membership fee and yearly renewal charges. This would lead to quality and quantitative performance results in ISC. The views expressed here are purely my personal and no discussion has taken place about this thread till now in our Editors' group.


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    If ISC starts charging membership fee, I think its content would improve dramatically.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I wont think wise people would pay the registration fees and write here. There are many fora and even they can have their own blogs to manage and earn.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks Jagdish for your remarks on my comment. Yes I too opined that many members after enjoying fruitful earning from adsense left the site due to many reasons and one among to list 'if adsense restructured any rules in adsense earning and if they won't get further in their contributed section, they just left as it is and will not even bother to continue in this site in other sections". I do not want to quote the names.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    If ISC becomes a payment site I think the number of participants will come down drastically. Why, even if the payment system and awards are taken away the same will be the result. After all everybody does a job continuously if there is a sort of encouragement. It may be in the form of cash or in some other manner, for example many may be happy if a work is seen in the print form or in a site. However ISC is functioning satisfying everybody involved in it in both the way. Let us all continue with this without going for any experiment.
    Gold Member ISC

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    I don't think members will think of paying some sum to ISC to earn some sum in bits like 1, 2 and 5 for their messages and responses. I have earned only Rs. 30000 + for the last six years, and an average of Rs. 5000 per year and an average of Rs. 400/- per month, and an average of Rs.10/- per day.

    The amount I earned is far less than the amount I paid to the telecom authorities (900 x 12 months x 6years = 64800). We are required to put up our extra energy and time to earn at ISC. I don't think anyone will pay and write to earn. We at ISC are helping ISC to earn a good revenue through our writings. Thus, ISC doesn't need to charge any registration or renewal fees. Is present ISC starves to raise their fund?

    No life without Sun

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    I appreciate all the comments and views from each one's side.
    I am one who have concurrence with opinion of Mohan and the hint made by Saroja.

    I have said many times that I am here primarily for a positive time-pass. However,we pay for our time pass also in various points.

    We all blame our public sector where we get everything free( hospitals, schools etc). We blame the efficiency and quality an migrate to private sector paying huge price. But had we paid a little price above the total zero and paid more attention, the same public sector could have been made extra efficient too.
    There is a Malayalam saying that 'To hit money, you have to throw money'. When there is investment only there will be stake and care to safeguard the stake.

    In many services, though it could have been given free of cost, they charge some nominal fee, just to discourage the misuse. When something is offered totally free, we lose its real value and there is a tendency to misuse and ignore or care-less.

    I am sure even if ISC starts a nominal fees and renewal charges, there will be still many to stick on and many more new joining; because iSC has established its genuineness, service. standing and utility. Now the focus can be on further quality improvement by infrastructure improvement and competency-which will again result in more revenue, which can be distributed more to members. The site can be run more professionally with professional editors et
    Of course the expectation and demand can be more , but so is the case with shareholders of a company. A shareholder has his right and liability limited to the shareholding, and cannot interfere in its day to day affair, but question and demand at AGM.

    I will stay with ISC even if it comes to paying a reasonable membership fees. I am already paying different unwilling donations and memberships just for prestige and relationship, where I do not get any return benefit at all. In comparison, I consider ISC more positive and beneficial.

    Anyway, for the time being it is only for imagination and academic debate.

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    And Sun, suppose ISC wants to implement registration fees and later renewal fees for the members to continue, then there must drastic increase in the cc being provided. In fact the cc must be coming forth for every post we hoist and every answer we make. That is my notion.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When a charge is being levied for a service then it becomes a business venture. Any business model would attract taxes and a whole professional look to the entire way ISC is presented to us and the way in which we approach ISC. When we pay for a service, we except certain standards and it's a human trait for never being happy with what we get, we always want to get more for the same payment. Next would be a financial inclination or greed for want of a better word, that would make members forget casting the net for small fishes ( forum threads and response) and go after the big fish ( experts answers, jobs, adsense etc). Then the image perception of ISC would change permanently.

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