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    How your clothes define your personality?

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    I strongly feel that our clothes would define our personality to others and we need not introduce ourselves to even a stranger. We should have a good cloth selection sense and that will display our personality in public. In the wardrobes, there may be numerous attires and combinations of colors, the right variety what we chose would reflect our cult figure to others. For the girls it is has become fashion to wear same kind of color from top to bottom and thus make a fashion statement of their own. One need not follow the fashion style of others, instead they can sort out available clothes in such a way that it gives a arresting looks. After wearing the cloth it must satisfy our mood first, and if that sets it we are in good move for that day and that brimming confidence in us also brings a glow in the face of opposite persons too. So selection of right clothes, right fitting and above all right color combination matters even without new clothes.
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    You are right. But clothes have long surpassed the point where they were mere shelters of the skin. Clothes mean a lot now. They show your mindset. Your financial status. Your social status. They are a medium to make friends now.
    In that case, can you be sure what you're wearing is on trend? For an instance, Rompers are in fashion now. But even as we are speaking, major changes in fashion is taking place.
    Won't you be odd one out when you don't follow the trend?
    We have long forgotten to live for ourselves anyway. It is the society that we aim to please.

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    Wearing dress differs from person to person. Keeping dress in volume is also vary from person to person. My was possessing more than 200 sarees ,after her sudden demise only I noticed that I disbursed all sarees to my close relatives(who interested) and balance to oldage home. The dress concious is only interest.

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    The clothes that you wear definitely defines the personality that you are, many conclusions are made from how and what you wear. It is how you present yourself and how serious you are about the job that you are taking up. I agree with Pooja that "Wear what you like and like what you wear". Unless you are comfortable with what you wear, your whole day will be spent in uneasiness.

    Following the trend should not be our source of influence, fashion comes and goes, but your style stays with you forever. If you keep following the trend, at some time you may lose yourself and I don't think we will be an odd one out if you don't follow the trend.

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    ''We all have our huge cupboards full of clothes. ''-This statement is unfortunately not correct for most of the Indians, both men and women. Most of the Indians don't have cupboard full of clothes.

    Like most of the Indians, I also wear clean and freshly ironed clothes for going to office or for attending social functions. There is no question of reflecting personality by clothes-at least in my case. I wear light coloured dress. I don't like to purchase unlimited clothes to chose from for various occasions.

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    Clothes we wear convey a message to the people around us, particularly people who are strangers and first-time acquaintances.It is important to the body language and depending on the scenario it conveys a lot about the person, discipline, level of self-esteem, a degree of confidence and attitude. Imagine seeing a doctor for the first time who is shabbily dressed, we would hesitate, if it's our own known family doctor we wouldn't mind but a meeting a stranger or a professional we would think twice. many people wear a suit/tie at work but look mechanical. What I feel is we don't need cupboards full of clothes, we need a decent attire, not too loud but should carry our attire with dignity, confidence and make our presence felt.
    Wear something that's not outrageous like the film actors who would look odd when they step out into the real world. It's important also to feel comfortable in your clothes, I've seen dress up is tight dresses cut at various angles and the person is really uncomfortable in it. Some of them dress to flaunt their physical attributes, I have no objection but the occasion and the venue shouldn't be marred by such dresses.
    Lastly, someone said, clothes mean nothing alone but mean everything when someone human steps into them.

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    I think clothes have only that much effect on your personality as much as your looks. It can surely create an impression at the outset. Talking about the way you dress up, I think the primary factor we need to consider is the level of comfort we feel while wearing a dress; comfort gives us the confidence as we would be at ease. But we need to take care of some other factors too along with the point of comfort and confidence. In this connection, another important thing about dressing is that we should dress-up to the occasion; it would look awkward if we wear a party-wear to the market and a very casual wear to a function. What we wear should also be suitable to the weather conditions of the place we are living in. Moving around in full suit in a hot place would certainly attract glances no matter how comfortable you feel in that dress. Being fashionable or trendy or wearing costly attires etc is one's personal choice but whether it suits you and whether you are comfortable etc are points that certainly need to be considered.

    I feel that how we dress up is more important than what we wear. One may look clumsy or shabby in a fashionable and costly dress while another may look elegant and smart even in a normal casual wear. So, dress, as I said in the beginning, does have a relation to your personality but it depends on how you dress up and carry yourself to begin with and later how you behave is that which would actually matter.

    Let me make it clear that I don't believe in dressing up to impress others or with the thought about how others would assess me but I don't think we can neglect the 'others factor' totally being part of a society.

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    The dress we wear should be comfortable to us. That is the first and foremost important factor to decide about dressing. If you are not comfortable in th dsess you wear it looks odd to the surrounding people and you can'be at ease. Your dress should be suitable to the atmosphere. Basing on the Weather conditions you have to decide on the type of clothes you can not go to a cold atmosphere without your woollens. Generally we should be decent when we go out. We should appear neat and in a proper dress. Generally properly ironed dress is ok. Colour may be as per your choice. The dress we wear should be suitable to the occasion or event you are attending. If you are going to a temple for dharshan you should wear Dhoti. If you are going to your office you should follow the dress code.
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    The clothes that you wear defines your personality to some extent. Always wear comfortable clothes. I don't feel myself comfortable when wearing too loose clothes or too tight ones. When I am not comfortable, I will not have the confidence. I strongly believe that the dress we wear helps us in boosting up our confidence level.

    The shape, design, color, length etc of the dress that we wear matters. People judge us by the clothes we wear at times. It need not come correct always. Some people wear modern clothes just because their situation demands so, but they will be not so modern actually and would love a village culture more. Especially, girls can easily change to a modern girl or a village girl based on their dress and makeups. They might be dressing up according to the occasion and that can't be considered to judge them.

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    Miss Pooja,
    Clothes define your personality.
    Color also matters.
    In power packed business only two colors are there. Red and Blue!
    Red: Boosting your performance, enhancing your attention, Make us vigilant.
    Blue: Prompt creative tasks and brainstorming. Associated with openness peace and tranquility.
    Now you know the science behind US president Donald Trump and Russian Premier Vladimir Putin's preference of colors of ties in high powered diplomatic trips.
    So, Pooja, you can fill up all your cupboards with Red and Blue colored clothes and go confidently!

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    Yes clothes do define one's personality. Grooming plays an important role in one's life. Whether you go to an office, a party, or college, your dressing sense appeals to the people you meet. In school we were taught to dress up well,come in neat and proper uniform.
    Wear clothes that suit an occasional .colours do matter,that is one's own opinion is wear whatever you like.. Go with the trend, choose the occasion, be graceful but not a laughing stock.

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