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    Must Government officials allowed and encouraged to speak more about policy issues?

    In India to the most Government officiald are not allowed to be open about their views particularly if their views are against the Government. Very few officials like fomer CAG, Vinod Rai, ex RBI Ragu Ram Rajan have come out in open. In case of judicial officials they have to maintain strict silence onn issues of Governance except through Judgements. Government must stop viewing these views as criticism but rather as inputs for better Governnance. Also preventing officials from expressing their views is violation of Articles 14, 19, 21 of Indian constituion. In India the present situation is if an official speaks against either He / She must resign or opologise. Else He / She is shown the door by transfers, Suspensions and demotions. The examples are Ashok Kemka, Haryana, Roopa, Karnataka etc. These officials are demoralised by official pressures too.
    In India officials are the only link between people and Government. They decide whether a dam must come in a place, Hydro carbon explorations etc. Experts just a birds eye view of Governance. It is officials who take pains to meet people and implement schemes. So we must give them voice.
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    It is true. This may be one reason for the officers to become corrupt. They all know what is happening inside and how the politicians are getting the advantage. By seeing that these people are also getting tempted to get some advantage by supporting the corrupt practices of the politicians. If there are some good officers with ethics, they will become oddman out. The reward for the good work they do will come in the form of transfers to unimportant positions and far away places. So the people who are in dilemma will decide to be for the politicians. By this, they are also getting benefitted. if really the government officials can talk openly the entire society will become a good place to live in and even politicians will also be under control and they will also a have a fear for doing corrupt practices.
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    In Indian democracy set up, politicians are elected and upon becoming the Ministers , the officials are bound to listen and follow their orders. And every scheme would be launched by the politician and the official would be the coordinator and facilitator. That is why once the new government takes over, officials from Police, main departments would come and wish the new incumbent to the CM chair so that they would continue in their official position. Otherwise the politician shall change the officials to his wish. So officials are naturally asked to shut their mouth and not reveal government programs.
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    It is an ingrained into us that never bite the hand that feeds us or never speak ill about our family. I guess the same happens with any Government service sector, be it politics, be it banking, be it municipal work, the response is the same, discuss with hushed tones,sweep it under the carpet and say 'all is well'. When we the common people can find so many glaring errors it's little surprise that the officials themselves would be aware of the issues. I think the moment they start to air their views, the are branded as outsiders, anti-government and become shunned by the very same institution for which they have worked for. The become outcasts and are constantly troubled by selective media attention, questionable transfers, shift in responsibilities etc. To point out the flaws in a policy or task of the Government, it is like opening a can of worms, it would bring out many irregularities, bias is allotment, inappropriate fund use, corruption, favoritism etc.

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