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    Your ISC account is hacked by a fellow member.

    Envy can make man do terrible sins. Envying your points and earnings. Your awards and your rank.
    A fellow ISC member plotted a wretched assault on you. Unfortunate for you, your password is very weak and in the very first attempt the hacker breaks into your account.

    He starts posting lewd content in ISC. Thankfully the editors quickly spotted the nonsense and have taken it down. But they did leave a grave message to you saying you'll be restricted to post in forum section hereafter.
    Now you try to login but you cannot post anymore. You reply the message saying it wasn't you and you were hacked. After a long, tiring endeavor you finally revived your status.
    But one day you come to notice that "you" have responded to one of the forums though you haven't. You are astounded to see that, "you" have written cursing and thrashing the author of the thread. And the fellow members who have seen it are condemning it in private messages to you.
    You're banned from ISC for repeated violations of regulations.

    How does this painful ordeal relate to you?
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    Has this actually happened or just a case study of What if?
    I sincerely hope that it's just a case study, it would be really unimaginable if something like this happens to anyone.

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    I don't think anyone will think of hacking an ISC member's account. How it helps the hacker? There is no financial gain. All are friendly with ISC a disciplined and gentlemen organisation.
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    We live in a world where anything is possible. This wounds like a page of a fiction thriller. Reminds me of something similar ( The Net movie of Sandra Bullock). I hope this does not happen. What would force one to do it, some points, personal vendetta or financial gain. None of these are realistically possible as men and women here have nothing great to loose except the passion to be part of this educative ISC platform. I'm sure people can pick up such anomalies and not victimize a good fellow member.

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    I don't think it will happen really. What for he will hack our account in ISC. OK. If somebody what is the benefit for him and what we are losing. Somebody else puts up some unnecessary threads, the editors will suspend the candidate. The candidate is genuine he will request the editors with facts and to look into the matter and how it happened also he may ask. After some initial enquiry, the ISC may find the facts and then do the needful. A person who wanted to get benefitted by hacking will have more chances on many other avenues.
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    Those who have become member of this great site and being noticed and followed by other members with lots of interest, If a new member starts to perform, we come to know the way he writes and responds. Difference if any would be noticed by the editors too. By the way the earnings and awards are not that big for the beginners and they need not be targeted by the hackers. And hackers wont eye petty contents as they would be wasting time and get nothing. Nevertheless our webmaster Tony do know the threats of hacking and he must have secured this site with all precautions.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I do not think something like this will happen in ISC. All the members are glad to see other members successfully climbing the ladder. Everyone has an opportunity to shine on ISC platform so why do we have to be jealous of someone and hack their ID. As far as I know the members of ISC and myself, I do not think anyone will get into such an act. I personally feel happy when I get rewarded for my contributions and not when I steal someone else's by hacking their ID. Hope such a situation didn't happen it is just a What if question.
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    I also do not feel that anything like this could happen in ISC ever. It is a website which is a source of motivation and encouragement to all the writers who write here. It is a rich source of learning for all.
    And everybody is happy seeing each other person progressing here.
    In any case, if anybody's id is hacked then that would be a really worse situation. As everybody here loves staying connected on ISC.

    Do what inspires you !!

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