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    HBD - Are you that busy?

    Through social networking sites, we get to know about the birthdays of our friends and relatives. It is not mandatory that we should wish them. If we have the time and if we feel like, we can always wish them to make their day special. But what annoys me is that people just type 'HBD'. I actually want to tell them that nobody is forcing you to wish someone. If you are super busy and has no time to type few letters, just ignore it.

    There is no point in fake wishes. Wish someone only if you actually feel it from your heart. Now it has become more or less a formality sake thing. We can easily distinguish between people who are actually wishing and those who are doing it just to show that they too have wished. Does anyone feel the same way?

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    You aren't alone Ms. Chithra. I feel very much the same. The worst part is when someone sends or forwards a downloaded image from Google. Many fail to understand that a call or personal message will do wonders to make a person's day special. I feel when people have all the time in the world to click selfies and post them as their Display or Profile picture why not make an effort to send a peronlised wish to make them feel that there is someone who really cares.

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    I have seen many short forms of words on Facebook and WhatsApp but I am coming across happy birthday's short form for the first time and it looks more sarcastic and funny rather than best wishes for the person who has the birthday.
    And really raises the question if someone is that much busy why is there any need of even wishing in this manner and doing a formality.

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    These days it has become a habit to many people making wishes with abbreviations which are not known earlier. In fact, I am not able to understand this thread heading when I have seen on the forums list. I was not able to understand the full form of HBD. Only after opening the thread and reading only I understood what is HBD. These days people don't have the patience to type the full sentence. They will use many short words, symbols and figures to tell us. The only concept is we have to convey the message. They write U for You. K for Ok. TQ for Thank you. But as expressed by the author why to send a wish as a formality. If you really feel to send the wishes please make a meaning full sentence and send. Then people can appreciate your interest in wishing others and your interest in keeping contacts with others. Otherwise, keep silent instead of annoying others with your shorthand messages.
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    I used to get irritated on receiving such wishes, but not anymore. Whether it is HBD or Happy Birthday or whatever else, someone is taking the time to wish you. They could not have wished you – that was an option, but they chose to send an HBD. Be courteous and thank them for remembering. And send a 'Tx' back or a 'thumbs up' sticker.

    The wishes and presents we receive might not be to our liking, but that does not mean the other person is being thoughtless. Maybe that is the way they wish everyone – it might just be their style. We cannot force the way we like to be wished on others.

    People who matter and care, definitely make sure that you are made to feel special on your day.

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    First of all when you are too busy in life, then you should not become member of social sites. If you cannot even wish your fellow member or follower , what is the use of holding a account in social media. By the way I am averse to saying short cut words in social media too. Happy birthday in writing sounds some special bonding, where as when you type HBD , it wont connect with the birthday person and thus he or she may even forget your wishes. Now a days ready made messages, emojis are available on line , just pick one paste on the time line of the birthday person, he or she will be overwhelmed.
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    It is not that they are busy before the smartphones people have used the button keypad if we had to type C we had to press one, three times, this was the reason why SMS language became popular and people got used to it. Now, with smartphones we have QWERTY keypad, thought the alphabets are separated people unknowingly still use the SMS language.

    The point is even if they send you HBD/personalized message or a google image they thought it important to wish you, they felt that you need to be wished on your birthday. I think that's more than enough to appreciate them for taking enough time though few seconds to wish us.

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    You are asking why HBD? I would ask why Not HBD? It depends on how we take it. It's the new way people interact socially,its a quick message and the job is done. HBD, cU, good 4U, GN, K for Okay, all these are new terms learnt by newly by a crowd that wants to be different, young and vibrant. I don't mind, I would be happy that at least that's coming my way. I don't think people do it on purpose, they have embraced a new way of keeping in touch, if they do the same old way of typing fully, some would opine that they are old fashioned. You are annoyed that its HBD, some would be annoyed if the read Happy Birthday. You should accept and move on, if you really like the person, send them a smiley, if not just ignore the message. I don't think most people whom we know would fake a wish except some colleagues who we don't know much about.

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    #616047 Not everyone knows what HBD means. I am not asking anyone to type in full but at least they can type 'Happy Bday'. Anyone can understand it. When you are constantly chatting with a person, using such short forms are fine but when you message a person only once in a year, I feel you should have the courtesy to type a bit more. Peoples view can be different so is mine and yours.
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    Its not that easy to remember everyone's b'day and to wish them. we cant predict our life same way we are not sure that we will wish our dear ones every year. People are busy with their own life and works so with the help of social media its easy for every one to remember the b 'days of people who they are connected with.

    It depends upon people that is how they react. if you are not able to wish your best friend and is he/she is quiet sad because he /she was expecting your wish than any one else wish.

    even the memo/ remainders in mobile phones also help us to wish our dear ones.

    At last but not the least i would like to say that by seeing your HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish you can bring a smile in the lips of your dear ones.

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    Frankly speaking, even I do not like wishing people in such short chat language saying "HBD". I don't think they do it because they don't have time, it is because they are used to it and that is what they like. Even I get irritated by this chat language and always ask my friends or with whosoever, I am chatting to write complete words and not the stupid short forms.
    You are absolutely right Chitra, everybody cannot understand the meaning of such short forms. Even when I first time heard of the short form of 'Take care' - "Tc", I also could not understand the meaning of it. Then I asked my friends and then got to know about it. But people use it maximum today.

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    Chitra, I am glad to see you agree that it's ok when we chat with someone regularly. if we get such a message from someone once a year, then we know the intentions of the person who's just an acquaintance and does not merit our time and thoughts.
    Ps: here again, I address you by name, you address me by #616047 , both are different methods but conveys the meaning.

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    #616081 What I meant is when we are chatting regularly or continuously, we tend to use short forms as we are typing big sentences or so. I am not against it at all. But when wishing someone once in a year, it would be better if we can type few more letters. I feel that is better even though both convey the same message. After reading certain sentences, we get a feel and certain times we do not get it. Same applies here also.

    Giving the reference number of the reply and addressing by my name cannot be exactly the same. I might have written many replies and when you take out my name and reply, it is not necessary that everyone should understand to which response of mine you are responding. But when I specifically mention the response reference number, it is very clear.

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    Frankly speaking, before reading the entire thread, I didn't know the full form of HBD. First of all, thanks to the author for informing me that HBD stands for Happy Birth Day.

    Personally I don't send any SMS. I only forward important messages to my wife, daughter, sister or brother. I do know how to send SMS, but don't feel comfortable to send SMS. Whenever I feel to inform anything to someone, I talk to him/her.

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    Well said, Chitra.
    On the heels of the 'Like' feature becoming popular, many other things followed as mechanical rituals.

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    It has become a fashion and style to shorten everything in our shortened life. If we can type ILU to say I love You, what is wrong in writing HBD (Happy birthday )or HWA (Happy Wedding Anniversary). The world is becoming small and busy with new inventions.
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