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    Witty saying of big shots

    Former chief Minster of Tamilnadu, C N Annadurai, though he was a tamilian eminent scholar in English also. Once he attended a meeting arranged in a college. Near the dais a student named pari put his leg on the leg of him unnoticed. Immediately the student asked sorry many times to CNAnnadurai. CNA with smile told him that,'Mister pari, I am not a lorry to carry your sorry, donot worry, be merry'.
    Once Rockfeller, richest of America, traveled in a flight on his business work. A nearby passenger by understanding him asked,'Sir,you have come to a level of richest in America and then why you are working with much stress? Rockfeller replied,'Brother, see this flight has come to a required height, then shall we put off the engines? Similar to that, on any occasion we should not stop working till we are able fully.'
    Charles Dickens was initially intended to become an artist in dramas. As he was rejected by the drama people as he failed in the voice test. He turned as a writer and become famous. He used to tell that,' if my throat was not alright on that day, I would not become a writer to this extent'.
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    All the three information were fantastic. The first one was a joke to enjoy , the second one was the food for thought, and the third one connected to our aspirations and actual being.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As usual, the author has given some stuff to entertain us for sometimes. Thanks to him for this. The joke of TN CM is good to enjoy. The second one indirectly hinted us that once we reach a level in the life we should struggle to continue there otherwise we may slip down without our notice. The third one we can take as we are not the people to decide our destiny. It is already decided. Good collection.
    always confident

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    The author often comes us with jokes to ease the day. Jokes help us to improve our sense of humor, it helps to win and impress people around us.It also helps us to break the monotony of the day's pace and for a few moments feel relaxed. If we can laugh at a few jokes, it's a added bonus as we would live a little longer. Children laugh far more than adults.

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    I have enjoyed the first anecdote involving Annadurai most.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Very nice thoughts and jokes Ramachandran Sir. The first one was really good to laugh.
    In the second one, it tells about the value of completing our task which we really need to learn. The third one is indeed great as it tells that how we sometimes do not realize what greatness we carry inside us and it comes to us all of a sudden.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Enjoyable jokes with some inner message in it. Once in a while these kind of thread taste good.

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