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    Are we being forced to cheat at work?

    In many industries and workplace there is a culture of aggressive cost analysis. This basically means is the person worth the salary he or she is being paid. Many corporate houses and competitive service sectors have set targets and deadlines for a particular job and a particular employee, sometimes even the number of feedbacks, they should get.

    Caught in this race, many middle levels employees find themselves in a difficult spot, wherein work is done but not enough the tick the important boxes.
    Hence they are forced to cut corners, cheat a little with figures, cheat a little with billing, take credit for somebody else's work, get more clients from their contacts and payback a small referral bonus etc.

    Have you noticed this trend? Should we raise about it and risk the wrath of our boss?
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    These things will happen more in private industries. The employees will be under tremendous pressure. In the beginning of the year, the targets for each department and each employee are fixed. Their KRAs will be decided. If we see the KRAs are defined if the juniors are not performing the senior can't get his desired rankings. In such case, the middle-level executives are made to work for both the junior employees and as well for the senior employees. They more vulnerable. Their works are noticed that much. It is like a sandwich. They struggle a lot.So sometimes they may have to manage some figures n such a way that they appear big at the same time truth will come out if you sincerely dissect it. These are all manipulation of figures to showcase their achievements which are very important these days to sustain and pull on.
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