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    Why we should not prepare rice in the brass utensils ?

    In the home and in many places where the rice are prepared , it is done either in steel vessel or aluminium vessel. But brass vessels are seldom used to prepare rice. It is believed that brass vessels with mercury or white matter quoted inside are fit for cooking the rice or for that matter cooking or storing of any food items. Without Iyam in Tamil we call, we cannot put the brass vessel to use. What may be the reason that without that white matter quoting if we cook rice in brass vessel, it will spoil immediately. I want scientific and also ordinary man response from the members on this.
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    Brass vessels can be used for cooking. But their heat conductance capacity is less when compared to stainless steel and aluminium. So the gas required for the cooking same quantity of food is very high if you use a brass vessel. For that matter cooking in an aluminium vessel is the best with respect to consumption of energy. But brass vessels should not be used to prepare dishes which require higher quantities of tamarind. The tamarind will get reacted with brass and gives a bad taste and smell and that is not good for health. In fact, some dishes will have a very good taste if you make them in brass vessels. In my childhood days, many houses were using only brass vessels. Those days the aluminium and stainless steel vessels are not very famous. Those days the cooking is done on the stove using firewood and charcoal as fuel. But slowly the cooking gas and awareness on the consumptions have made people go to aluminium and SS dishes to cook.
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    I remember seeing many brass vessels at many homes in my native village, there used be large vessels even for storing drink water and even a small brass container to drink water from. Brass vessels are usually coated or enameled with a layer of tin inside, this is because the copper (an alloy along with zinc) can react with acidic food contents and can be harmful to the human body. So what we used to see the vessel polishers do near our house is after cleaning and heating the vessel, a small amount of hot tin is then smoothly spread all around inside. This coating makes the brass vessel safer for preparing dishes at home. Some people still drink water from a brass vessel. My grandfather used to put a few raisins in a brass jug of water and then drink in the next day morning. Don't know the logic. Brass utensils are also heavy compared to the stainless steel ones we use now.

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    In earlier days even in our houses, brass/bronze utensils were used to cook. Brass vessels were used for cooking after lead coating inside. Bronze vessels used by them to prepare kheer (payasam) and other sweets like keerai/mysorepa etc., Even today we are using brass/bronze utensils on shraddha days in our house.

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    We were using lead (iyam) coated copper vessels for cooking. Brass vessels are generally not given the lead coat. Mostly, the brass and copper vessels are used for storage of water only. To have tasty rice, it is better to cook rice in an earthern pot. Also, fish curry cooked in earthern vessel tastes very good.
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