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    A man craves the most for love while a woman craves the most for respect.

    Men and women. We aren't merely separated by genders. We are different even by our motives.
    I pity women. Women are beautiful and precious creatures. They get loved a lot. Because every woman is beautiful. Every woman is caring. But that isn't what they want. Women deserve and need respect. We don't respect a woman as much we love her.
    Those poor creatures do all that they can expecting you to respect them. But you in turn, cruelly, love them.
    "A man triumphs over other men with morals and a woman triumph over other women with her mind ".
    All the love in the world cannot fill the hole that absence of respect has created in a woman.
    Men, on the other hand, are praised, appraised and are bathed with respect. Man, like a beast, knows no limits. What differentiates a man from a woman? He can give his 200% and go wild. Women care too much to be that wild.
    It is impossible to resist such passion. Hence, men get respected a lot. But what does a man needs the most? True love and nothing else. He can get name, fame and money whenever he wants.
    But he'll never be loved like a woman.
    These two sad creatures keep craving for the things which they'll never get.
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    Good. Women need respect. Men need love. This is the feeling of the author. But both needs both. A man without a woman and a woman without a man in this world is not a complete system. Both together they are creating the whole world. There are ladies who will be respected a lot, Similarly, there are males who are loved a lot. I respect my mother. You respect your mother. My daughter loves me. My son loves me. So I feel we can't say that men are carving for love and women are carving for respect.
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    For the best understanding man and women as couples, there cannot be give and take between them. As per me women are the most understandable and most adjustable persons in the world. Where as men are opportunists and would crave for her attention and then disobey her after satisfying the needs. This is invariably happening in every home either in small way or in big way. If the man and woman are having good equation and good thinking ability, they wont dislodge other, dis obey other, keep informed about the on goings in absence of other and thus greater boding takes place.
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    Doesn't man need respect? Doesn't woman need love? Love and respect are essential for everybody. These are not gender-specific.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Men need true love, women need respect has been presented nicely. It's right is someways and wrong too,I guess it's allowed in generalized statements.It depends on the individuals, their backgrounds, their upbringing and the cultural influences. We live in a world were men can't cry and women can't speak up in some parts of the country, the truth is men aren't allowed to cry or should not cry and women aren't supposed to or should not be allowed to speak up. This is the way many societies have evolved, So, we can't blame each other. Men do respect, a son respects his mother, his grandmother and elder sister; likewise a women truly loves her son,her husband and her parents.We are slowly changing and may be in due course most men would find true love and most women would get the respect they deserve, it can happen with the way we understand each other.

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    A man gets respected anyway and a woman gets loved anyway. That's what I said.
    The thing is, men are so bountiful, that finding true love becomes very difficult for them.
    Men are paranoid. They think that everyone around wants something out of them. So even though they are loved, they find it hard to accept it. Women in the similar manner are used to loving and being loved so much that they start craving for respect.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Let me stress upon this,"Being thankful or grateful, isn't respect ".
    The thought or wish, to be like a person, is called respect.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I feel both men and women need love and respect. But it is true that women crave more for respect, which they get but not from everyone. And true that a man craves more for love, I agree with you.
    I think the thought process of a man and a woman has been designed in such a way that they carry it and need it. When men shout at a woman when they are angry, and woman feel bad if they are being scolded in front of many people, then even the sense of respect comes inside a woman. Why she was being scolded in front of a lot of people, that was really not right. I fully agree that women need respect more than love.

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