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    Keep informed your school and college about your progress in life. They feel elated.

    Every one of us always recall our fond presence in the school and how we were chided and even respected by various teachers. Like wise in college too the life was full of fun and the lecturers were so kind with us. While leaving the school and college for higher studies or jobs, please inform them about your where about. They not only feel happy but also call you as the special invitee for the annual functions of the school and college. Some times they would call you to give lecture to present students on your superlative performance.
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    Wonderful thoughts sir, many of us are so busy that we have forgotten our schools, our teachers, the colleges and faculty who made our dreams come true.They have seen us laugh, they have sen us cry, but they have always showered their love and affection along with education. It would given them immense pleasure to see their young school boy who has grown into something useful in society. They would be proud of our achievement and especially if its a rural area they would even invite us to give a talk to the school students. There's a nice movie wherein the student for his marriage travels a distance to invite his teacher for his wedding. I must agree that the colleges where we have done our graduation and post graduation have alumni groups and some of them for their 15 or 20th year get together call the teachers who are still around for the function and felicitate them.

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    It is true. We should be in touch with our educational institutions and the teachers who tuned us as good citizens. As a matter of fact, after our parents, the Gurus will be the architects of our life. The teachers who taught us in primary and secondary schools are really the sculptors of our life. Those ages we will not have much understanding about life and we will get easily attracted towards unwanted aspectssidelining our prime issue of education. At that time these teachers will come into our protection.They will teach and if not caring they will try to make us right by giving punishment. So keeping in touch with them is very good. I visit my school and junior college whenever I visit my native place. I have given some money as donation for the school for purchasing some fans to the school. I am in touch with my university departments also and whenever I go to Visakhapatnam I try to go and meet the professors there.
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