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    Suggestion Regarding Forum

    As today is weekend and since I have enough time, I was just going through old threads and found that there are many good threads which were missed by me. While navigating through pages there were threads which were older than 10 days so those were spared.

    So how about if we have an option(a link) of last 10 days thread, we can read and respond to those threads which were missed, it would be helpful if implemented.
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    Yes, some good thread go missing as it get pushed to the back and we don't get any replies or responses. Also after a couple of days it moves on to the next page that many times can go unchecked. Not sure what we can do to keep them fresh and accessible.

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    Exactly, if not a link, if we can have a query like select the date, which will display all the threads of last 10 days even that could be an alternative.

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    I feel it will be good if some such kind of facility is provided, we can go by date and check the threads. As opined by the author, in the present system there are chances to miss some important threads. But if we have the facility of seeing threads by typing the date on the front page of forums, all the threads of that should appear so that we go through them. Some days we will be busy and not able to go through all the threads. By the time we come back some threads may go to 3rd or 4th page and we will miss them. This is very much possible. Another suggestion is to add unanswered in the top list in which new,rejected,Pending etc will be displayed. I request the Editors to look into the possibility.
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    I fully agree to this proposal. I have been asking for some improvement in Forum section for quite some time. Even good Forum post also looses the attention in maximum three days. All of us miss many good Forum posts.
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    You have new submissions and unanswered options already in forum. Use that instead.
    According to me, there are too many links already.

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    I don't feel there is a need, maybe because I regularly visit the forum section and have a glance at the threads. If I find interesting, I respond then and there. Certain days if I am unable to check the forums, the next day I check for the posts and also if it is a good thread, normally members respond to it and push it to the first page again. I too have missed on certain forum posts and sometimes read it only when it is awarded a TOW award. But I am glad that I am at least able to read the content of it.
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    deleted by author -reason duplication

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    Once I had suggested aboutNeeded some change in forum index page" to show threads list in the descending order of origination of threads by date . What is the situation now is they are listed based on the latest response. Due to that many recent or even latest threads also go down the list and remains unanswered and forgotten. Moreover it was also causing inadvertent responding to an old thread sometimes.

    So my suggestion is that let the index page show the list of threads as per their chronological order of origination, the latest being on top and in the descending order that way. I had also suggested if we can have an extra column showing the time and date of the last response received on it.

    I don't know the technical side of that, but that is what I feel more convenient and hence suggest it. Many other members also had highlighted the same issue at various times.

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    As per ISC policy we are not supposed to drag the old threads to these pages. Once missed means gone. That is why always visit unanswered section every time and see whether you can append your responses.
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    I don't recommend this. Anyway, an extension of the present 10 days to 30 days is a viable solution to this. No one should pull up a thread older than 30 days. Members should strive to browse all the forum index pages.
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    Few of the responses above have suggested that go to the unanswered section, but the cons are if the threads are already replied (even one response) it will go back in history, so that won't help. For those who are regulars, it wouldn't matter as they do have a glance through all the threads daily, but for those who visit once in two or more days has very high probability of missing old good threads.

    I went through the thread posted by #61609919, it is a good suggestion, instead of having the responded thread in the start, we can have it in chronological fashion, instead of having a link to last ten days thread.

    Either way is fine, chronological or a link to last 10 days thread.

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    Neethu, you must first understand that, as Partha has said, many threads do not live for more than three days due to different reasons. So, the primary action on our part should be to read and respond to new threads as far as possible. We have kept the bracket of ten days for threads to be responded to so that new threads do not go to the back pages without getting any responses.
    Now coming to your point, the threads appearing in the index are as per date they have been posted and the date does not change irrespective of the date on which responses are posted. So, if you want to look through threads that have been posted within ten days, you may have to scroll through four or five of the index pages; it does not take much of your time. It may be easier for regulars but for those who are not that regular, I feel they should be ready to spare a few more minutes of their spare time to look for threads that might interest them. We already have a link for 'New Submissions' and adding any more features will only help in cluttering our pages. Anyway, your suggestion has been registered and will be considered as and when time and space permits.

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    Thank you Mr. Saji

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