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    Will the Government servants work properly if they are working under a Government they oppose?

    Since I have never been a Government servant, I may not be knowing the mindset of a Government servant. It is very normal to have some political affiliation towards a particular party even among Government servants. Will the Government servants work properly if they are working under a Government, formed by a political party which they oppose? Or it doesn't depend on who your boss is? Please, it is not targeted at anyone.
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    There is no difference between this party or that party ruling as far as the working of a Government servent is concerned, that is what I believe. Majority of the employees are not concerned about the party ruling or not. There may be some, negligible in number, who work based on the political changes.
    At the same time there may be a tendency among many to favour people from own party.
    This opinion is based on my experience for more than 35 years, working in University service. University service is same as that of Govt. service.


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    A Government servant, at the highest level or at the lowest level, helps the legislature (in common parlance, politicians) in forming legislation and implements the legislation already formed. It is up to the legislature to accept the advice or not. When a legislation (in common parlance, a bill) is passed, the Government servant, irrespective of his/her political affiliation, implements the Act. All Government servants are trained in this manner.

    If a Government servant can't work as mentioned above, he/she has to resign or faces disciplinary action.

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    Generally government employees should not have any affiliations to parties. They should perform as per the rules and regulations enforced from time to time by the governments. It is no way related to the likes and dislikes of the individual. But they can play an important role in getting good or bad name to the government. Even though the government policies are good the implementation of the same and making those benefits to the public mainly depends on these employees. Mainly the top bosses will have a lot of say in this. When Naidu was the chief minister of the then combined Andhra Pradesh, he tried his best and made Hyderabad a well developed city. But he forced all the government employees to give their best and made them to be on their toes. So they indirectly canvassed against him and Naidu lost the next elections.
    So the rulers should always take care of the employees also properly.

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    This is a very interesting thread as it will help all of us to know more about Govt servants.

    Unfortunately Govt servants are not bothered for any party affiliation. They are only bothered for their fat pays and facilities.

    Some of them are sincere while many are not. Most of them believe that boss is always right and he is the person who has to take a decision. So every Govt servant whenever in doubt will pose the problem to his boss for solution.

    This peculiar mentality of a Govt servant finally shapes the nation building and is responsible for the turmoil through we are passing.

    In developed democracies it is believed that only private business and entrepreneurship can contribute for progress while in developing ones it is a far dream as Govt interference and red tapism works as a deterrent for progress.

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    In Government services many things are a done deal, perks, leaves, age bound promotions. There are good civil servants who do the job honestly and with a passion to help people.Unfortunately, such people are not allowed to flourish as they don't go with the flow, they are either hounded or made to leave the job or change their jobs.
    Then there are those who are corrupt and work mechanically looking forward to the monthly paycheck, for such individuals who's in power, whose in opposition doesn't matter.So, such a concept would not be true in reality.Like many service sectors, the only way to ensure a proper job is accountability and a fair sense of morals and ethics. Once this is taken care then we do not need to worry about productivity, we need to only focus on infrastructure that they need to complete their tasks.

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    Many people are of firm opinion that Government employees don't work-they only get the salary for idle gossiping.

    If this is factually correct, then there is nothing to discuss in this thread. Irrespective of Government of 'A' party or Government of 'B' party, Government employees won't work. So, what is there to discuss?

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    I don't think government employees don't work properly when a government they oppose is in power. Any employee is been paid for the job they do, so most people are committed towards their work irrespective of the party in power. The changing government cannot be called their boss as there are individuals persons who supervise and lead the employees who they call their boss.
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    The author has raised a nice question. During Telangana agitation over the few years back, there was nil cooperation from the AP employees who were working in the Secretariat at Hyderabad as the agitation was going on in full swing. Moreover the state government employees are having strong trade unions which are having affiliations to the political party and indirectly to the government in chair. Therefore those unions and their members are supposed to work with enthusiasm in which their party is in power and others may not give their hundred percent potential. This is the fact.
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    Chitra ma'am, there can be many intermediate bosses, but the final boss is Government only. All the secretaries of various departments will work under the ministers only with the supervision of Chief/Cabinet Secretary at the top. And he himself works under the political boss only.

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    I can only say other ways because people usually catch the persons who are in opposite favour and hence to avoid humiliation, employees will work even better than their favourite government. The humiliation I particularly refer wide a response of 616121 talking about employees working under the direct control of politicians. We have heard many stories how intelligent and hard-working people are humiliated by politicians.

    But in general terms, I feel government employees who will work sincerely will work and who don't work will not work at all. Also, it counts with the people who have joined the service with the influence of political parties may have this mindset of working against the current government if that is opposite to their favour.

    I really appreciate the response given by Partha as the question does not arise, as the general opinion that government servants won't work at all.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Really it is a good thread as many officials are doing like this. That is doing all negative actions or no proper actions as the entire faults fall on the ruling party. In many officials of corporations /panchayats left the city/town uncleaned deviated from their regular work, people without knowing this background comments or criticize the government. It is an example and many public related departments follows this.

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