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    A day in the life of a 8 year old

    I have to wake up very early in the morning, brush my teeth, have a bath,
    Then quickly gobble up my cereals and gulp down my glass of milk,
    I quietly have to listen to the harsh 'I said so' and 'I told you from my parents'.

    Quickly, I have to check my tie, belt, shoes and then with a silent prayer to Lord Hanuman,
    I lift up my mountain load of books in a school bag and then run so that I don't miss the school van.

    At schoool, I get teacher after teacher who does not have a consideration for my poor brain
    but cram lesson after lesson in the class and I write page after page without knowing the meaning of it. I dare not ask because I'll get shouted at.

    Even at lunch time we are not left alone, we are under the watchful eyes of the lunch monitor, who will check our lunch boxes of the things we love, crisps,noodles, chocolates.

    Then, the afternoon goes off in sleepy attention followed by a period a physical training in a place that is smaller than our hall at our homes.

    We say quick goodbyes and come back home not knowing the harm that the polluted air causes to our growing lungs and body.

    After a quick snack we should unwind, laugh and play but this does not happen
    Our evenings are even more busier a class at tennis or karate and then
    special classes so that I can score better and become a good boy.

    When i feel sleepy, mother gently pushes a pile of books and then I realize that there's a lot of homework to do
    By the time I finish my homework, it's late for dinner and I quickly eat whatever is on the plate and go to sleep

    With my quilt over my head, I think, what did I love today, sadly nothing much, I can count the days I have spoken joyfully to my father or mother, I can count the smiles I had today with friends, I can count the days I've played freely in the park or garden.

    I pray before sleeping. Oh God! let tomorrow be better, At least I can hope.
    But no one answered my simple question. Do I deserve this?
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    The author in this thread presented the difficulties of the kids these days. It is real nobody thinks about the mental strain the kids have. The moment they getup the torcher starts and till they go to bed that torcher will continue. "We you, ours one" is the concept these days. But the only kid they should be the first in all aspects. We want the kid to be all.A Doctor, an actor,a dancer ,a singer and a self protector. In that pursuit we make them to suffer. No rest. No relaxing. Always struggling. This should change. We should allow them to enjoy their childhood at least for some time. We should give some thought about their thoughts also. All they really interested in the life what we are asking them to have. They should have some spare time to get some relaxation. Otherwise the present day kids will never excuse the parents for the sufferings they are having during their early life.
    always confident

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    I laughed when you said "after offering a silent prayer to Lord hanuman he lifted his heavy bag". I envy your creativity.
    Life is kicking the life out of this innocent eight year old. I can predict that this kid is a boy.
    You could have added few happy moments into the wretched life of this kid.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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