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    The crown's back after 17 years

    Manushi Chhillar has been crowned Miss World. An Indian wins the beauty pageant after a gap of 17 years. She becomes the sixth Indian to win the Miss World title. Indians who have won the title before her are -

    1. Rita Faria - 1966
    2. Ashwariya Rai - 1994
    3. Diana Hayden - 1997
    4. Yukta Mookhy - 1999
    5. Priyanka Chopra - 2000

    Congratulations to Manushi.
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    It is great. After a gap of 17 years our Indian won the Miss world title. It is a beautiful moment. We should all feel proud. My heart full greetings and congratulations to Manushi Chhillar for her success and I wish she will have a great future. My sincere thanks to the author for sharing the information.
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    It is a great achievement on the part of Ms. Manushi Chillar. She has made India proud at Beijing. All Indians congratulate her.
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    A great achievement in deed. This is a great honor for all of us. Miss world is a tough competition and there are many stages through which the participants have to go through.

    It is a matter of great pride that she won the first position among the 108 participants who were the best among their respective country.

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    Congratulations to Manushi Chhillar and the team behind her. Great to hear that we have the crown of Miss World after a span of 17 years.I think we had four crowns in quick successions, maybe India can repeat it. One more Indian on top of the world.

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    Wow! great achievement and it becomes sweeter as the crown comes back after 17 years, which is a long gap. Congrats Manushi Chhillar on winning the title and making Indians proud.
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    Even I just heard the news, Congrats to Manushi Chillar for winning the Miss World title. It is a great achievement for our country and for her on winning the crown once again after a gap of 17 years. She really made India proud.
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    Wow that was the great news shared by the author. My hearty congrats to Manushi Chhillar for getting the crown for India and feels proud that we got the recognition after waiting for 17 years. What i feel that our Indian participant in the World beauty contest are always looks beautiful as they are selected after so many tests and pass out. But the organizers put so many tests again and some times our girls get off the hook in being selected. The crown we got so far from other ladies were really awesome and this shows that Indian beauties are always adorable and being in competition with the world beauties.
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    My heartiest congratulations to the Indian beauty Manushi we could see after 17 long years.

    @ kindly attach her beautiful photograph in this thread.

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    It is a proud moment for India to be crowned after 17 long years. My heartiest congratulations to her.

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    Congratulations to Manushi Chillar for this great achievement. She is the pride of our nation who reflected our traditions and culture on the World forum and brought back the glory.

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    And my daughter has shared the information that the newly crowned Miss World is the medico and and this proves that given the chance and platform, anyone can become and grab the crown if talented.
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    When she crowned the title, India topped the list of countries won the title (India 6 times, Venezuela 6 times but India being later 2017 while Venezuela with 2011 title). Also in 2014 Aishwarya Rai has been felicitated with the title of Most successful Miss world so far.

    My wishes too to Manushi who was crowned on 18th November 2017 after a gap of 17 years.

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    Hearty congratulations to Manushi Chhillar on being crowned Miss World 2017! She has once again proved that one need to be intelligent in addition to being beautiful to win the pageant.
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    Venezuela won the crown 6 times. What may be reason for such a troubled country to have such number of titles? Can anybody explain in this forum?

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    'Venezuela won 6 titles',
    I was surprised to hear this, figures quote a total of 22 world titles in world beauty contest. That's amazing, the rich cultural heritage, the ancestral mix of races over the ages bring them natural beauty and they enjoy life much more, these have been quoted for their success. Not sure what would happen to the last factor with the recent crisis in the country,

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    I am happy of her answer crediting mother. That is a welcome attitude, though there is a possibility it may be used by commercial interests for marketing and publicity now.

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