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    A small suggestion on 'best answer' or 'best response'

    During my 26 months' journey in ISC, I have observed that in case of Forum section, there is a provision of choosing 'best response'. But this provision can be exercised only by the particular Member who has raised the original post/thread. Similarly, in 'Ask Expert' section, the same provision is there. Only the Member who has asked a particular question, can mark the best answer.

    In this connection, I would like to submit that a Member who has asked a particular question, is often not in a position to judge the most appropriate answer. So, it is not fully appropriate on the part of the Member to judge the best answer. When he/she is allowed to judge the 'best answer', the other Members may also be allowed to indicate the best answer. Similarly, in Forum section, other Members should also be allowed to judge the best response.

    The Managing Editor may like to consider this proposal. However, I don't know whether this is technically feasible, or not.
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    I on the other hand disagree with you. What the person needs is an opinion. Not a solution.
    We all know what needs to be done. If we don't we Google it. We don't post in ask experts section.
    We only post things in forum and experts section to get opinions. Not some elaborate solution with complicated stats and proofs.
    The person who raised the query, knows exactly what he needs, and editors don't.
    As soon as the author finds his suitable response he hits "best response".
    Isn't that great?
    Partha. Would you hit "best response" for this response of mine? You probably wont because my thoughts don't resonate with yours.
    But what if it did though my response isn't technically correct? You would vote my response the best, wont you?

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    A member raising a thread in the forum would have an idea about the topic and the relevant aspects surrounding it.He/She would be better placed to know the facts often. Like in a debate, if the replies reason out and agree or disagree with an entirely different perspective of the thread then it would suitably qualify for the best response tag. Getting somebody else would actually take away the satisfaction of the thread author to read the responses and choose one.

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    I feel the member who raised the thread itself should select the best answer. It is not a mandatory thing, hence if the author is confused, don't select the best answer. If every member is given the right, then they might select their answer itself as the best answer. I am not saying everyone will do that but there is a possibility.
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    For reference let us see the thread related to launching of "Choose Best Answer" in forum. Tony John, WM, has given the necessary details then.

    Most features in ISC have been improved amended, adapted, or updated or even discontinued from the review, feedback and suggestions from members.
    In this regard we had many threads discussing or clarifying on the matter of Best Answer selection. They served as review, feedback and analysis on the Best Answer feature.

    Thread 1

    There was also some discussion regarding allowing members to vote the best answers or rating the answers. It is interesting to see what the present author's opinion on that then. in that thread.

    We can still have some fresh feedback and suggestions.

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    I think the prerogative of the choosing the best answer to the thread should be solely the rights of the author and no one else. Because the author might have raised the thread with a purpose and cause and if that is addressed fully or even partially he gets satisfied and thus press the best answer button. How can other members exercise this right of the author and how they know his preference and liking for the exact response from members. In other words this author is asking for trespassing in to the rights of the original author of concerned thread. I am therefore against the suggestion,
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    Moreover Partha, you're not awarded with any credits even thought your answer is selected the best. It is merely for your heart's content.
    So, what difference does it make?

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    I am dead against this proposal. It should be done by the author who has better knowledge about the topic, or the satisfaction with the answer/response, and also the editor who is common and an authority to choose the best.
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    #616107: This thread is not related to cash credit. Getting selected as the best answer/response may be a matter of pride to some Members.
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    I also feel that the author only will be in a better position to say which is the best answer and which the best response. When he is raising a question he wanted a suggestion from the others and at the same time, he will also try to find out from other sources also. So he knows the complete history of the responses and if the answer matches with his thinking and others also support the same answer, he can decide on the correct answer. At the same time, other members also may be able to select the best answer from his point of view. But in this case, the author's acceptance is more important. So I feel it is better to go by author's understanding only.
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    Your last link of your response is repeat of the earlier link and hence you may give a correct link apt to the remarks you made that the author's opinion then on the current topic raised in the thread. Or even the author itself may give a link as he might have known what @Venkiteswaran meant.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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