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    Whether India can be super Power in near future?

    India is considered as one of the emerging super powers of the world along with China, Brazil and some other powerful countries. The main question that involves is whether India is eligible to become the super power of world influencing other countries. There are many opinions regarding this topic, and Shashi Tharoor, Indian MP argued with his chinese counterpart challenging that India will be a Super Power and China Can't be. Many of the western and European nations are trying to succeed the USA as a super Power, but surprisingly China and India are attracting many nations for succeeding the power.
    I feel there are positive and negative aspects on side of India for being a Super Power. On Positive Side, India has the largest youth population and scope for the more potential resources for the growth of Industrial Sectors a. As well India is also a major power in space technology and various other factors contribute for becoming a superpower.
    But on the negative side, there are many problems that are being faced by India right now such as poverty, Sanitation problems and lack of transparent system which is being unttractive for investors. And recently, Delhi being gas chamber of the world is such news which actually exploded a bomb for the foreign investors.
    So, what are your opinions regarding the next super power of the world?
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    India is having the required talented youth who can serve the country to become a super power in the coming days.There are scientists and engineers who can do an excellent job. But unfortunately in this country merit will never be recognised. Under the guise of uplifting downtrodden people,people who don't have potential are being given more chances but they are not able use it for their as well as county's betterment. This is because of the vote Babj politics. The real people who are getting no chances here are flying abroad, settling there and doing wonders there.
    The entrepreneurs also should think about green technology and production without pollution. The motto should be to handover the nature the way we have taken to our children. But these industries think the investment in pollution control and. Environment protection is unproductive and is a waste.This concept should go and everyone should feel the responsibility of keeping the environment safe.
    Then we can be a super power in the coming days.

    always confident

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    Brazil is just on the mend from its economic and political crisis over the last two years. We have the potential to be a superpower. But can we harness the resources and direct the energy in the right direction is a big question mark. We have talent, skill, and brains at the important aspects of our industry, banking, consumer goods etc. We have potential to improve in many industries, tourism, food exports etc. But our biggest problems would be lack of accountability in the public sector, sub-optimal work ethics, corruption, and a rapidly growing population. We have to safeguard our natural resources. We have to show growth consistently to reach a stage wherein we are ready to launch a serious effort at becoming a superpower. So, in a few years, we can give a better answer that can we do it realistically.

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