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    We are no doubt a responsible person at home. are we the responsible citizen out side ?

    What I feel that every one has their family responsibility at home and does their duty to fullest satisfaction of house members and many a time appreciated too. But the same person when he comes out and moves on the road, he seems to be irresponsible not heeding to any attention on the roads. He wont notice a leaking water pipe nor report the matter to the civic authorities. He wont notice the over flowing drainage and wont report. He is not concerned about the current shut down and wont complaint. And even the trains and buses comes late, he wont question the authorities, why such laxity ?
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    If questioning is being responsible then many are already a responsible citizen, though not all, we still have people who turn off overflow of water, turns off the light when not necessary. What I feel is we don't know the procedure to approach the authorities in case of any injustice that we see that is happening.

    For e.g I raised a thread regarding the schools plundering parents for high fees, I am really so desperate to find a way, because I feel that it is total injustice happening in the name of education. There has to be way a to stop it. A definite roadmap is not known to the common man, had they known they would have long brought to the notice of the authorities.

    Few ignore such things as they are involved in the cat and mouse game, they have no time to notice their surroundings. Should we blame such people?

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    I feel we should not generalise these matters. There are people who take up works for the sake of public also. There are people who ignore their families and work for the society. There are people who always do their own work and never bother about others. There are people with all type of mentalities. So that depends on the individual. But I notice these days awareness among the public is also increasing. Throwing waste on the roads as they like, spoiling the roadsides and spitting in public places has come down a lot. Many cities are trying to maintaining hygiene in the common places. This will definitely go up and the citizens will become better as the time passes. The public is more busy with their family problems and they are not able to spend more time on outside issues. So they ignore certain things as they have their own problems.
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    Most of us are responsible citizens in the outside world. We stop at the traffic light to change while some zoom past us, we wait for an elder to cross the road while others zigzag around them.We don't litter in public, while some think the entire public area is a garbage dump. We don't intrude in the personal space of women and children when some intentionally make fun of them or abuse them. We pay all our bills regularly when there are many who willfully cheat and live on government money.Last but not the least, we don't let down our country by abetting with unpatriotic people around our country. So, it's a resounding yes, we are responsible.
    The problem with the instance that you have highlighted is the pathetic way the infrastructure around us, the total apathy with which some service people do their jobs with complete lack of accountability and lack of civic sense. Most of us hesitate to question these irregularities because, we know the replies, men and women have to put up with verbal and physical abuse. Let a rule be passed that any citizen can question openly an official involved in not doing his job properly and within 24 hours genuine complaints will result in suspension of the official, then we would see a transformation of our country.

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    It is true that most of us are concerned with issues connected with our family and try to sort it out as soon as possible. We will switch off the fans or lights if not in use in our house. But in a public place we forget to do this. It is, to a certain extent, the lack of social commitment. We forget wastage is a wastage whether it is in house or in a public place.
    Personally I am very much concerned about these type of wastages. Generally this happens when a public function is over people vacate the hall. So many fans will be working there. At least the fans working just above our seat we can switch off. If one has the feeling that he is part of the society and he has a commitment towards that society then automatically he will develop the helping habit in him. Otherwise he cannot expect anything back from the society. Mutual give and take attitude should be developed as part of ones personality.

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