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    Why parents are failing to get right life partner either to their boy or girl ?

    I have been closely watching the alliances being decided by the parents once their boy or the girl come to the marriage age. Often I found that a Handsome boy gets fixed with a no so good looking girl, and again a beautiful lean girl gets attached to a fat looking boy. Some times even the height of the boy and girl mismatch. I really get wondered on these happenings. Normally a alliance is fixed from the parents side with inclusive consultations of their family members and how come so much compromise on height, looks and personality difference ?
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    Are you looking at the physical attributes of people and passing a judgement? Do you know that such behaviour is looked down upon, especially in today's world? This kind of attitude is called 'body shaming' and is unacceptable.

    Tall, fat, ugly, thin, short, dark or whatever - you are referring to people. It is shameful that you would merit the physical beauty of individuals rather than abilities that really count.

    Thet person could be highly educated. More successful than you can imagine. The person could be having an excellent job. The couple may find each other compatible. They may like or even love each other. There are many other things that people look for in each other. Please change the way you look at things. Change your mindset, it is very ugly. Stop judging people by the way they look.

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    Who are we to judge someone on the basis of their physical features in the first place. Each human being has his or her own uniqueness. We have no business to sit and judge or pass comments on how they look or dress. They say marriages are made in heaven. It is the compatibility between the couple that is more important

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    Since the marriages are done without the consent of the children full approval there has been discontent among them and hence my observation.
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    It is inform here that the onus is not only on the part of parents but also on children. Especially the girls are laying conditions over conditions in searching pair for them. My cousin was working in a matrimonial office and told that a call from a girl for whom her parents registered with them, contacted her by saying her reference number etc., to search alliance without Saturn and raghu. My cousin got puzzled how it could be possible without the two. Later with smile told the both are mother in law and sister in law. In such a case childrens are telling or fixing their pair on their own, how can say about parents?

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    I feel it is not correct to pass comments about the appearance people. Outer beauty is something we should not dwell upon. As a parent what we have to see that they two partners like each other. They should be able to manage their life happily and they should understand each other. Beauty is something which is very temporary and as your age goes you may lose that. But your honesty and attitude should be good. As a parent what they look for is the boy and girl are liking each other and they will have a better understanding. But beauty and appearance should not be a
    point for deciding the match. This is what I feel and followed the same in deciding matches for my sons.

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    Having a very handsome husband or a lovely wife with external looks that make everyone see us happens mostly in movies, in real life many have our favourite actors/models and love to be like them but marriage is not based on looks only. I think it starts and stops with the first exchange of photos. What parents focus on is whether their children will be happy, whether the groom and his family will take care of their daughter, whether the bride will be a good daughter in law at home, will they be happy. Yes, some might or will focus on external beauty alone but it does not last long, I think any prospective bride or bridegroom should not hesitate about external mismatches but look about their outlook to life, outlook to marriage, work after marriage, children etc. Some of my friends have married a widow, a physically different person and very happy. We are proud of them. Anyone of the attributes listed can be seen within our families itself.

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