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    Psychopathy is a trait etched in human mind.

    Did you know that every 1 out of 30 person is a psychpath? That probability seems pretty less but the chances of you bumping into a psychopath is pretty high. By definition, psychopaths are mentally unstable and aggressive people.
    But I like to make my own definitions. "Psyche" means mind in Greek and "path" means a disorder or something which needs to be taken care of. So psychopathy is a mental disorder.
    Then how to identify this harmful potential? This is purely by individual thought, according to me, I'll classify psychopaths as sadists and masochist.
    While a sadist tend to harm others, a masochist tend to harm himself. Both are extremely aggressive.
    Now let's focus upon the recognition and identification of psychopaths. A test called PCL-R test is administered to the suspect to clinically approve he's a psychopath. Astonishingly no two psychopaths score the same. These tests are mostly verbal and there is an ink-blot test involved to see how the suspect responds to visual cues.
    But without the apparatus and training, the normal civilians like me and you, we too can be safe by considering few characters of psychopaths :
    1. Psychopaths have no empathy.
    2. Though most psychopaths have no social life, few of them can pretend to be perfectly normal and have a healthy social life.
    3. They are very good at lying. They are cunning and malicious.
    4. Lack of attention.
    5. Need for stimulation. They cannot stay idle for long.
    6. Lack of expressions on face.

    Watch out for these behaviours because over the ages this psychopathy of humans have exponentially increased. It is estimated that by next decade the ratio will be 1:10.
    That would be horrendous and chaotic.
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    Yes it is the fact that psychopath or mentally disorder persons move amidst others and we think their are over intelligent and try to be aloof from them. But these persons were always not bad. They are made to go through the bad period of their life due to certain happenings and that has branded them psychopath for ever. I came across a person working in reputed office as cashier and he wont lock the cash box and behave strangely with co workers and new comers. But he was perfect in work schedule and given task and management has no issues with him. Now tell me how you brand him ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Scary to know that people around us in a park or movie hall or public places can be psychopaths. I'm concerned about the numbers Aditya, is it from India or the USA? Society and circumstances turn a fragile mind into a criminal, depressed soul, a drug addict or a psychopath. The recent events of gun crimes from the West certainly come to my mind when I read this thread.Some of them can be intelligent and can lead normal outward lives.Such people avoid attention by doing their jobs quiet and efficiently and do not arise suspicion of others. People under undue stress would behave differently and we should differentiate from psychopaths. Thye lack common normal human emotion and are capable of exeterme anger response or rage.

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    Natarajan, it is the world scenario.
    And I think gun crimes are influenced by various other factors too. Imagine a world where everyone owns a firearm. Even if a person is hit by a stone, his hands will reach the trigger.
    I don't remember what the phenomenon is called now, when I remember, I'll post about it in a separate thread.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Psychopathy is a mental disorder. That is true. Sometimes we may not be able to identify easily when they are moving with all other normal persons. But all psycos are not harmful. They go on their own. They won't come our way. But with Sadist, we should be careful. They feel happy out of others pains. There are some people who think that others should not be happy. In that pursuit, those people will lose their happiness also. But they don't mind that. I don't know what we should call them. But many cases what I observed confirmed that there will be a big reason behind them. In my village, there was a lawyer. He was a leading lawyer those days. But his wife started some unethical activities behind the scene. By knowing this that lawyer has become a Psychopath. He used to move around on the roads murmuring something. But he never harmed anybody.
    always confident

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