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    Musing of a convoluted mind: Is regularly taking bath necessary for good health?

    Do you think it is absolutely essential to have a daily bath? Put your mind to this interesting question & give your views here.

    Since my childhood, my parents have been stressing on this point. They used to tell me (and my brother and sister) to take bath regularly. Other relatives used to advise the same to maintain good hygiene. And on Sundays, all three were forced to use soap very extensively. During other seasons, it was quite okay, but it was really a punishment in winter.

    Now I am settled in Delhi and the harsh winter is approaching very fast in this city. My convoluted mind has started trying to find various excuses of not taking bath. But my 87(+) father and 81(+) mother are regularly advising me over phone to take bath everyday, and that too in cold water. They are still doing the same in Kolkata.

    As a part of finding various excuses for not taking bath, I have been studying. Inuit don't take bath regularly. I have grave doubt whether they take bath even once in a month. Even in India, I know that people of Kargil, Ladakh and Lahaul-Spiti don't take bath regularly. People of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan also don't take bath regularly.

    So, my convoluted mind is asking: Is taking bath regularly necessary for good health and hygiene? As I daren't ask this question to my parents, I am asking this question to the Members of ISC.

    Members of ISC, kindly express your opinion in this regard.
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    I think it's a tradition, that comes from our families, my grandparents would not enter the pooja room without a bath. But we used to quickly sneak in to take some fruits from the basket would be kept in the corner. it's drilled into us that we should have a bath everyday and then pray to God, keep a small line of vibuthi on the forehead and we are ready for the day. My parents taught me the same and I am teaching my son the same. Purifying bath and prayer first.
    Apart from the religious link of not offending the Almighty, I think a bath help us to wash off the odour and the unseen dust and dirt in our hairs and feet. It makes us feel fresh and charged for the day. A relaxing bath before bedtime helps us to sleep better.

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    Taking a bath everyday in the morning should be a routine for each one. A bath with soap not only cleanses our body, but also makes us feel fresh. It is a tradition to take bath and only then one can enter a temple or a holy place. I feel happy when I take bath weather it is a cold shower bath or hot. It also relaxes our mind and makes us feel better when we are stressed.
    Yes in winters it is very difficult to enter the bathroom .But when I was in the north.. I would have a quick bath and sit out in the sun.
    In Europe and other places where the temperatures dip they have heating systems and technology has changed life. I don't think people out there skip a bath. In fact people also go for swims.

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    Taking bath daily is the must. There are people who used to have bath for three to four times in a day as and when they come in to the house. Even two times bath , one in the morning and one in the evening is highly recommended. Why because, taking bath in the morning would get rid of our laziness spent on the bed and we become fresh and have a feel good brim on the face. Likewise after finishing the daily routines, we become tired and also exhausted due to dust pollution and having a bath would bring the freshness again in our body and face. And mind it children would follow , what the elders do.
    K Mohan
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    But Mr. Mohan, my question is why taking bath is a must? Please read the third para of the thread. Is it must for the Inuit? Is it must for people living in Kargil, Ladakh, Lahaul-Spiti or Jaisalmer?
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    It is advisable to provide the source of the info about all those people whom you say do not take baths regularly. How often do they not bathe? I had also once read (I think in a magazine during college days) that a special kind of steam bathing facility is used by Eskimos to maintain cleanliness.

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    Taking bath daily is a habit.It is taught to us by our elders to us. We teach the same to our children. In our house, we should not even touch the food if we have not had a bath. The everyday morning we should take bath, then go to the room where we have to perform pujas and then start our daily work. This is what my grandfather and father taught me My father is teaching samething to my sons. Basically, bathing is required for places where the temperatures are high and we will have sweating more. These places if we don't take bath regularly we will skin problems. Early morning getting up and taking bath is a routine all of us. We got accustomed to it. Even in winter, we should have a bath early in the morning. That has become a habit.
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    Where ever you are, what ever be the climate, taking bath is compulsory and for me it is must and there cannot be excuse citing challenging climate or what so ever.
    K Mohan
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    In this regard I wish to share a real joke that has happened in Hyderabad. You know we live with Hindu- Muslim culture and people mingle with each other freely cracking jokes. Once a Hindu asked a Muslim as they pray for five times Namaz daily , how often they take bath. For that the Muslim gave intelligent reply. He said Jumaku, Jumma, Jumaku Jumma in a fast forward way. The Hindu thought that the Muslim would have bath for at least five times in a day. For that the Muslim clarified that he bath for every Friday. But the way he expressed , the Hindu got the doubt and split into laughter.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    There could be many reasons for people NOT to have a bath regularly, it may be cultural practice, water may be precious commodity, many tribes in harsh environments may have it infrequently as it would take some effort to get water and or wood to have a warm bath or it would be too cold to have a cold water bath. I've heard of some Africa tribes having a smoke bath daily!

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    Our body is like a temple which has a God like soul in it. As we keep our temple clean, neat and tidy, it is essential to maintain our body by cleansing it daily once or twice or as many times as available and feasible to us.

    Further, our body is like an engine which has heat in it. To maintain the heat, we need to cool it by taking bath regularly in the morning and evening. Due to the scarcity of water, we may take bath once in a day.

    A morning bath will help us to remain fresh and healthy throughout the day. Also after a day-long work or play with sweat, we need to have a bath, to be fresh in the night and to invite good sleep.

    A Tamil proverb - "Koolanalum kulithu Kudi "(Even if you take porridge, have it after a bath). Kanthaiyanalum Kasakki kattu (Even if your wear torn clothes, have it washed and wear). Sani Neeraadu (Have a compulsory special bath on Saturday)

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    Reading this thread I am transported to our childhood days. Like every parents my mother also had to goad us to take bath every day,especially during winter. When it came to the turn of the younger most sibling then, he used to ask my mother whether the cow was taking bath, whether the cat was taking bath etc and then why should he take bath. My mother was very smart and she answered him that for the cow and the kitten their parents will lick their body to clean them, but humans cannot do that.

    Actually when animals are reared in human environments as pets, they are also made to follow human habits like bathing.

    This thread question would not have arisen if it was summer season. Our habits are dictated by the environment, weather, geography and changing ways of life and situations creating such needs.

    In the modern life, we face lot of dust,dirt and various harmful materials every moment. They all settle on our body in various parts. They slowly clog the sweat pores on our skin too. All these result in accumulation and growth of visible and invisible gems and parasites apart from the layers of dust and dirt plus chemical. They also inhibit the natural process of skin 'breathing' by clogging the sweat pores on skin. Body cannot clean these by itself. So we have to do the cleaning by ourselves or getting it done by others. Bathing is the most suited way for whole body cleaning.

    Depending on the environment we live, there can be some variations also. While bathing every day is the best suggested, it should be as frequent as possible. Certain weather conditions are less conducive for growth of certain bacteria and gems, while certain other weather conditions enhance their growth. Habits are evolved over many years of trial and experience by our for fathers. So it is better and convenient to follow them rather than doing our own experiment.

    Moreover, human laziness creeps in and even a little allowance will lead to total avoidance. That is why parents insist on such things so that a good habit gets firmly fixed.

    Otherwise nothing serious happens if one skips bath now and then or for a few days. It may necessitate use of deodorants and cosmetics more if one has to interact with others. But if it is totally avoided, then after some time, the body will be abode for various types of lice,insects, worms etc and a source of bad odour. Even an imagination shudders me.

    The animals and birds have their features suited for their mode of living. The sharp beaks and claws in their legs enable them to scratch or bite and remove the lice etc. Sometimes the same parasites become fodder for other animals or birds. Animals and birds can easily shake the dust off by shaking their body. They can also clean their body by licking. All these features are not available to the evolved humans as of now.

    Hence daily bathing is the most convenient way of cleaning our body and keeping it clean and hygienic in this modern life.

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    Mr. Partha, your thread titles are always awesome. Wish I could also learn how to write such amazing thread titles.

    Coming to the thread, bathing daily is a very good habit that we all should follow. But everybody does not do it, based on various thoughts that they have. Daily bath keeps us active and healthy. Otherwise, we will keep yawning throughout the day and spread the sleeping disease among others. Bathing makes us clean and clear. So, we should do it on a regular basis.

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    We are been taught to take bath every day. It is a part of good hygiene habit. Our laziness makes us skip bathing at times, which is not a good thing. We are in contact with many people daily, if we wash our body with soap, we are getting rid of the virus and bacteria. Also, bathing helps us to get a relief from our tiredness and makes us feel refreshed. Especially for people with bad body odor, it would be better if they can bath daily using soap. At Kerala, everyone baths daily and they use soap on a daily basis.

    All my friends from Rajasthan, Calcutta, Goa and all take baths daily but head shower only once in two days. The reason they say is hair fall is too much. That is an acceptable reason.

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