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    We are really sorry, Tom Moody!

    In a terrible setback to the opposition parties of India on the eve of Gujarat election, the international credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service , popularly known as Moody's, upgraded the rating of India after a gap of twelve long years. Along with other political leaders from opposition camp, CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury slammed the Prime Minister for improving India's credit rating. The communist leader said this was a proof of growing capitalism in India.

    Now let us talk about Australian cricketer Tom Moody. Those of us who regularly followed cricket in eighties and nineties, have heard the name of this Australian cricketer. Although he played a few tests, he was a well-known one-day cricketer. But why is he being discussed here?

    The Kerala-based cyber army of CPI(M) confused cricketer Moody with Moody's Investors Service. So what happened next? Poor Tom Moody was abused left and right by the communists in his Facebook wall. Extremely abusive languages were used by the Keralite comrades for upgrading India's rating. But these were totally misfired. Tom Moody had to bear the brunt of wrath of Keralite comrades.

    Personally I am amused by the reaction of the comrades. Now we understand that some people get terribly annoyed if something good happens to India. However, we, the 'aam-admis' of India, feel very sorry for Tom Moody, the cricketer.
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    It is very interesting to note that some of the comrades don't know the difference between Moody's investors ans Cricket player Moody. Why should we worry if something good is happening to the country. Anyhow it is good that there is an upgradation in the credit rating of the country that to after a gap of 12 years. Probably the Opposition parties are worried that the chances for Mody have gone up for winning in the next elections with this development. So they are more worried. For a political leader nothing is more important than power. They don't never bother for anything except their power. That is why they are abusing the PM for his achievements. The mentality of the people will be known to public withthis episode.
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    I don't know whether to laugh or cry about such people. I think many people like this exist in our country and survive by giving their 2 pennies worth of comments in exchange for 15 minutes of fame. They often escape because they beat around the bush and nobody takes them seriously. But this time the law of averages caught up with them. They tread the thin line between knowledge and ignorance and now they stand exposed to be ridiculed by everyone around. It is because of such ill-timed ignorant remarks that people around the world don't take us seriously. Anyway, if Tom Moody has a sense of humor, he would be laughing to glory. Going back to the ratings, some experts feel that it's come a little soon and India might take it easy and slow down the pace of sustained growth, hope this does not happen. There would be many among the people of God's own country will be cursing their leaders silently for marring their high literacy rate.

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    The last line marring their high literacy rate, there are already started marring the high literacy rates via many memes, critics in Whatsapp, facebook etc., One such I have read is ' when a police caught two persons on the road and asked 'what is the matter' the person started explaining the definition of matter in science.

    Yes, Partha, we should all say sorry on behalf of comrades.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    It is pathetic to know that the Kerala Communist Party followers mistook Moody's ratings for India to the cricketer Moody and trolled him. Good to know the upgrading the rating of India by Moody's from Baa3 to Baa2. I do not know how it will be a setback for opposition on the eve of Gujarat elections. Do not club them together. They are independent of each other.
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    Ah..ah. this can be termed as the best joke of the year. By the way when a Government performs only, the ratings would be upgraded and positive and therefore nothing wrong in it. God save them. They have not accused that even Modi has manged Moody to give good ratings. I thought this kind of reaction even from CPI party which is going dead against BJP and Modi. One thing is sure, the more Modi has been maligned and sidelined by Congress and Communists, he is getting very close to the voters and thus the so called few seats these parties would get for sure in the past will be zero this time.
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    #616148: For the last two months, all opposition parties and their pet journalists are crying hoarse about adverse effects of de-monetisation and GST. The Prince and his followers have been telling this to the people of Gujarat for last two months. The journalists have been writing articles after articles on this issue, keeping in mind the oncoming Gujarat election.

    Isn't the improved rating announced by Moody's, a setback for the opposition parties and their pet journalists?

    However the conclusion is simple. ''Modi is responsible for everything. Modi must resign.''

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This thread reminds me a joke on WhatsApp about an Indian politician. He makes wild comments on Modi including the IPL cricket scandal. The politician's parent tries to correct him that another Modi from Rajasthan is linked to IPL charges and not the PM Modi.

    Here also the poor people really confused between cricketer Moodi and the other Moodi. Alas! Everywhere cricket is getting linked somewhere!


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    It is indeed an incident that we need to be ashamed of. Reactions, when based on fanatical intuitions, will in all likelihood result in such blunders and we need to be careful. But it was the act of a few who are nobler than the king and it would not be correct to blame all the cadres of the party or to put them all in the same bracket. It would have been nice if the author could also have mentioned that in addition to the trolls and abuses against the cricketer, there were apologies and corrections also being posted side-by-side.

    Let us talk about Modi and Moodi in this thread please and not here.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Moody's upgraded the rating of India. The other major rating company Standard &Poor ruled out any upgrading of India for two years in 2016. The Governments reportedly lobby for better rating by these firms. On 11-05-2017, Aravind Subramanian alleged that the rating firms were biased towards other countries. Let us not get carried away by what the rating firms say. Ultimately it is what happens to the economy in our country that is crucial. The economy, I hope will cope up with Demonetisation and hurriedly implemented GST.
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    #616198: The Lead Editor has directed us to discuss about Moody's and Modi in some other thread. So, in this thread we would express our sorrow to Tom Moody, who has learnt many new Indian (Malayalam) slang which appeared on his Facebook wall.
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