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    A small observation after writing more than 1000 'Ask Experts' answers

    Just an hour ago, I was checking my approved scoreboard. I was delighted to find that till yesterday, I answered 1003 questions (approved answers). Then I studied my score-board more minutely.

    I have found that till now I have answered 1003 questions (approved answers). For answering 1003 questions, I received 2654 points and Rs. 2606/- cash credit. Leaving aside the cash credit portion, I find that for answering each question, I have received 2.65 points (approximately) only.

    On the other hand, so far I have asked 59 questions. For these 59 questions, I have received 178 points, i.e., 3.02 points per question. [I received 5 points for a question which the Editor found very relevant at that particular point of time. So I was awarded 5 points for that question.]

    Overall I find that for asking question, I have received more points compared to points scored for answering question. Needless to state that I have to make more effort to answer questions compared to making effort in asking questions.

    I feel some other Members must have experienced the same anomaly. The Managing Editor and the Lead Editor, ''Ask Expert' section may kindly look into this anomaly.
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    I appreciate the author for probing his own performance in the ask experts section and applause for performing superlative there. Coming to the points aspect, by asking question, normally we get lesser points in that section and those who give bigger and apt answer would get good points and cash credits. In fact the cash credits you got in ask experts was very very good and as per my knowledge goes none got this much in that section. There are every chance of points getting minus or plus after verify and approval of our posts in ask experts and that is the reason the differences are spotted.
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    Partha, good going.

    All Ask Expert questions will get 3 points maximum. By chance if you got 5 points, it is likely (not sure though) for a forum thread which got shifted to the AE section & the points were not adjusted to 3.

    Regarding points and cc for answers - a lot of things on the anvil, so expect some nice changes ahead!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    It is true. The points we got may be less than points given to the questions asked. But the main point here is the CC will not be there for the questions asked. Answers will give you both points as well as CC also. This may be the reason for allotting less points. If you take the total of CC and points may be more than the points allotted for the question. Anyhow they may be allotting more points and CC to detailed and elaborate answers. Some answers I have seen are very very descriptive and elaborate. Whereas some answers are point to the questions. This may be another factor which will decide the allotment of marks and points. Anyhow, I hope the concerned will think about your point and may do the needful.
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    Ms. Vandana: Just now I have re-checked. I asked the following question just after de-monetization and got 4 points (not 5):-

    What would be the effect of scrapping of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- notes on stock market?

    And this was not an original Forum post.

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    Thanks Partha for letting us know. It has now been corrected.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Wow. Congratulations Mr.Partha. Excellent record more than 1000 ask the expert contribution, I certainly would hope to achieve what you have achieved. I'm happy with the cc and more than that it gives me a chance to learn to answer specifically on subjects and I find some ask the expert answers posted with detailed relevance that motivates me too.

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    As luck would have it, with almost nil efforts you have got one rupee cash credit for your above response post #616164. Sometimes it is like that. It may be below or above our expectations

    Actually even I had asked why Ask Expert questions are not given cash credit. That was because of the logic that without that question how an answer would have come.( And here, you are pointing just the opposite.).

    Ask Expert questions were also given cash credit in the initial days. I invite reference to : Thread 12. On our asking fo cc for questions, it was clarified that giving cc and more points to asking Questions can invite irrelevant and even silly questions, for the sake of cc and points , resulting result in load on editors and result in delay also.

    For any matter there will be different views and things may change time to time. Le us see how other members' view also.

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    I didn't know that in earlier days, AE questions would get cash credit. If I was Member at that time, I could have asked at least 10 questions everyday!

    Here I wanted to point out that for each question, I am getting 3 points, whereas for each answer (which requires more effort and sometime study) I have received 2.65 points (average).

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This thread prompted me to check my data in the score board and I found that so far I have answered 541 questions and that has fetched me 1782 points that makes an average of about 3.3 points/question.

    In my case it never occurred to me that I should ask questions as I always thought myself a person only answering the queries so my data on that account (asking questions) is very poor but still as maths is maths I have seen that also.

    I have asked only 4 questions giving me 14 points which brings the average to 3.5 points/question. So in my case these averages are moving neck to neck.

    I feel these statistics will change from member to member and even reverse out in case of members who are answering questions in an elaborate manner to garner more points.

    Anyway we have not taken care of CC also in our discussions.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thank you Venkiteswaran sir for providing the link which provides the initial guidelines issued by the WM.

    As ME has already promised, we are trying to rationalize the c.c awarding system. It is requested that the members should ensure that the responses are point specific, explanatory where it is needed and need not attempt all the questions where they have no clear idea. This is a general appeal to all of you and not with reference to the point raised by the author.


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