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    To put my recall after reading one of the thread.

    When I read and responded this thread on government employees and a good response from Partha if a pre-concluded notion is there on government employees, then the discussion is not needed, my mind recalled a reading a news in the newspaper about a woman crime DSP in Raipur. She was the headlines in many news portal. She always carry her daughter whenever a duty calls as her husband works in different place.

    Every one saluted her as she had served seven days continuously at the time of pregnancy too with utmost conviction. Even after childbirth, she returned to duty very early and even goes round in nights with a walkie-talkie in one hand and child in another.
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    When the liberalisation took place in 1991, the economic condition of the country was precarious. People always talk about PV Narasimha Rao and Dr. Manmohan Singh for liberalisation at that crucial juncture, but forget K.P. Geetha Krishnan, the then Finance Secretary.

    When people get bored watching a channel, they take the remote and promptly go to another channel. They forget Ghose-babu and Bose-babu while changing the channel. How many of us remember Bhaskar Ghose and Rathikanta Basu (former I&B Secretary and former DG, Doordarshan)?

    When the Chinese PLA was forcibly making roads at Dokalam (Doklang), Bhutanese people and citizens of Sikkim were anxiously waiting for movement of Indian Army's (Government employees) Mountain Division to that area.

    When a disaster struck in any area of India, people wait for the Disaster Response team from NDMA to reach there. They don't depend on private volunteers for rescue, response and rehabilitation.

    When people demand railway line or airport in a commercially non-viable area of the country, they ask for action from Indian Railways or from Air India-not from private roadways or from private airlines.

    But all said and done, Government employees don't work. They get salary for gossiping.

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    It is true there are people in government also who work very sincerely and put their full efforts forgetting the family and their other responsibilities and rights. In my native place, there was a Telugu teacher who was a bachelor throughout his life. He used to work all the periods in the school. He used to distribute his salary to poor people who are studying in the school. For his expenses, he was managing with the money he is getting from his field through agriculture. He used to wear only khadi. No slippers and travel on a bicycle. His house was given for a teacher and he was living in a single room in the house. He used to call students to his house and teach them the subjects free of cost. He educated many students with his money and today they are all very well off. So there are people today also who are putting more than 100% efforts in the job.

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    Thanks Partha and Rao.

    Members may come with more instances of people around them which may enable others knowledge updated.

    By seeing the response of Partha about Railways, I recalled another news headlines, recently when a passenger in running train lost his valuable jewel in toilet, a station master on the runways of a fast train traced the jewel by putting all his efforts and also said he is expert in finding things from the waste found in tracks.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    "But all said and done, Government employees don't work. They get the salary for gossiping". I think this statement may apply to the person who responded thus but not to all.

    All the Government employees do their work except for a few. The day to day life of people is going on peacefully because the majority of the employees do their work. It is very difficult to identify individuals because it is a teamwork.

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    Well all the government employees, and departments are not that lazy or wont work. When my wife applied for learning licence at RTA, normally they wont give first appointment and we have to wait for the slot or it may extend to other working day. But she was lucky enough to have a dedicated officer as the inspector at the ground and immediately on paying the required challan as fees, he advised her to test drive and show. Within minutes he gave the nod for ok and next day we got the temporary licence via post. Here I would appreciate those RTA official and also the postal department promptly delivering the very next day.
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    #616190: In all probability, the author (of this particular response) hasn't bothered to go through the other thread, the reason behind this present thread. So, this response.

    It happens when people jump to conclusion. It's okay. I am now habituated to it.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    What is the other thread? How am I to relate this thread to another thread? Explain to me so that I can correct my mistake.
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    Now I have gone to the other thread. I am mistaken.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Yes, like any aspect of life, there are some bad apples among others in a basket. There are many good government service individuals who are still very service minded. There's a Mumbai former commissioner of police who reportedly drew a salary fo Rs:1 donating the rest to the police fund. There was local municipal corporator during our early days in the locality we grew up. In many parts of Banglore during the early 1990s, it was a struggle to get water. He helped the neighborhood to regularly get water tankers every other day until two borewells were sunk around. I have had maths tuition during my PUC days and I still remember, at the end of the first month, the teacher ( a government college professor) giving back my father the money and just accepting some fruits. He taught me (and 4 more students) for two years regularly at least two days a week. I still remember him, there would be many such government servicemen who have helped many silently going out of their way.

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    In one of my previous responses, I gave examples of three bureaucrats who brought radical changes in economy and television broadcasting in the nineties. But very few know about them. All credits have been taken by the politicians. This is one of the reasons why common people think that Government employyes are not required. They feel that any one can do what the Government employees have been doing.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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