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    Small pleasures of life

    Man and woman run an endless race in the so-called modern world metros
    and no surprise get stressed, depressed or dejected.

    What do they do, go on a weekend trip, a shopping spree, join a spiritual leader
    and come back recharged, start again only to find themselves where they start.

    Stop, do we need a Godman or a leader to tell us we are human?
    Do we need to go out of our way to find beauty, joy, love, and happiness?

    Look around you with an open mind, small shrubs with beautiful colorful flowers will make you stop and spend a few minutes. Take in its beauty and fragrance.

    A few chirping birds, sparrows, and mynas, birds full of energy going on doing their daily activities with a joy. Just sit down in a park and look at the bright sky with clouds and birds flying across.

    Look at the neighbor's small dog or puppy that runs around and barks in joy for the little attention that you show, for just touching its head. You don't even have to give a biscuit, it wags its tail.

    Look at children running and playing around without any hesitation, look at the face of the little infant smiling at you when it's being carried around by its parents.

    Most important, look within your home, you have many friendly faces, parents, grandparents, spouse, children all eagerly waiting to chat with you.

    Speak a few words, smile, once in a while get kids an ice cream or some simple sweets or flowers, take them out for a movie or park. You will be surprised how happy they would be and how contented you will be.

    Next time when you feel down, don't think of asking for leave, plan an expensive getaway,
    Stop, look around you, there are many small things in life that will give us joy, peace, and warmth.

    We often miss them, as they are hidden in plain sight.
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    Yes when we are leading a busy life the whole week, surely we want a break on Sunday and my policy would be to forget the office job on Sunday and solely dedicated to the family and their pleasure. Even on week days, I would forget the home problems while in office and wont recall office problems while at home. That way we can lead a peaceful life for some time , otherwise total mess would occur to our daily routine. And going out on week ends would be rare as we want to spend all of them sharing the views and matters concerned to last week and impending week.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is a fact. So many small things around which will give pleasure and happiness. It will make our mind peaceful and we will feel we are in heaven. But we ignore these small things in our busy lives and go for searching happiness. Today morning I was on a trip to a temple which is around 40 Kms from my house. My elder son who loves driving was in the driver's seat. We started going. On the outer ring road in the middle small plants with small flowers with different colours are really lovely to watch. We were tempted to get down and have a photograph there. This has given happiness to the mind we almost spent the whole journey time with discussion about these small plants and flowers. So we need not search here for pleasure and joy. We can see around and enjoy the greenery and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. So enjoy the life without worrying about unnecessary issues.
    always confident

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