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    Talking bad about others is not a good habit

    These days many people start discussing a third person who is not present in the scene and talk bad about him. This is mainly happening in the offices and other institutions. Many people out of jealousy, always try criticizing the person who is getting a good name in the office. As a person, it is our prerogative to live as we like. But at the same time, we should think about the society and other fellow human beings. So why should we talk about a person in his absence? We can't understand his point of view and he will have his own reasoning for doing the things as he likes. We can understand by getting into his shoes, his point of view. What is the right we have to criticize and talk about others? Everybody should know when you are pointing a finger at somebody, the other four fingers are pointing at you. I like to know the views of other members.
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    This particularly annoying habit has spoiled the careers of a couple of my friends. I think what starts as a simple comment or discussion just to have a conservation, a comment about how one dresses up, a comment about how a colleague of the opposite sex behaves, a comment when a colleague drops a friend on the way.Soon such comments take a different meaning and circulate as office gossip and tarnish the image of the person concerned. Some people envy others who are happy or jovial and lead a peaceful life. Jealousy and hatred are shown by such people subtly by starting gossip and talking bad about others. As these talks keep circulating many assume that the person in question is really and try to avoid them. People who are targetted like this suffer silently for no fault of their own.Many keep quiet as it is difficult to prove who started this and take them to the task, We should refrain from talking ill about others. Only when they suffer themselves, they would realize its effects.

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    Talking bad about others is a bad habit, some do it for enjoyment,some people misguide about others.These talks spread fast and can ruin people's careers. I agree it is happening in places of work.In big families too people often speak bad about each other,causing conflicts among family members.
    The biggest and the most annoying is our television serials which are often seen depicting this sought of attitude by the artist.This is so irritating that I have stopped seeing hindi serials.
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    Gossiping about another person is a very bad habit. Talking against another person in his/her absence is a very bad habit. It may provide short-term benefits, but in the long run, it is disastrous. I have been noticing this throughout my career (little more than 28 years of Government service) in various departments. I repeat this habit would be disastrous in the long run. The person who has this terrible habit, would not be able to hide himself/herself anywhere; he/she would not be protected by anybody.
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    Malicious and badly gossiping about someone behind their back and on their absence is actually bad habit. He/she realize later on that its not good thing to do. When gossip starts on any topic good or bad words are not programmed we speak sometimes good but not everytime. Either not anyone entitled to speak lies about someone and ruin the reputation of someone. If someone telling bad thing about someones nature then we don't believe on them. We don't take any decisions rapidly then why we called someones bad without knowing about him/her so first knowing the reality then you can understand who is good and who is bad.

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    Some people have that extra time to take on others , as if they are in right track and wont make any mistake. By talking bad on others, they are not only loosing the credibility but also loose friendship of others who feel that they too would be talked wrong in future. By the way who is giving such rights. And they do not have guts to say on the face. If that is done, then the real verbal dual would takes place and that would be end of relation for ever. Let the people live on their own terms, who are we to advise them to mend their ways, let them suffer and learn from the mistakes and if we point out, they get hurt.
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    Commenting or talking about a person when he is not present is a bad habit. Everyone will have his/her opinion about anything which may differ from the views of some others. There is no rule that the opinions of everyone should coincide. When it comes to matters of common interest there bound to be different opinions. In such cases comments become necessary. There may be a discussion which should be fair.
    Commenting on dead persons is also a bad habit. It should be done fairly when necessary. We are all human beings. We can preach so many things but when it comes to practice, we may not be following what we preached.

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    As far as I understand this thread wants to discuss some unhealthy habits of living persons. So, 'Commenting on dead persons is also a bad habit' is out of place.

    If the quoted sentence is correct, then we should not talk about unspeakable tortures and violation of human rights by Hitler, Stalin, Chenghis Khan, Auranghzheb, Sultan Mahmud, etc. We must not talk about Jalianwalla Bagh because the perpetrators have left the world.

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    The Hindu dharma says it is bad to comment on dead people. When it comes to dead people whose actions and decisions had long-lasting effects on the society or a country whether they are good or bad, can certainly be discussed.
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    Backbiting or rumour gossiping about others is a bad trait though many of us are infested with this disease. People having no work in hand and less achievement in life often capture this bad habit and ruin their mental status to a miserable state.

    Creative and hard working people do not find time for such unnecessary indulgences.

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    Speaking badly about others is very common. Perhaps, people have the tendency to speak bad about others than good. About good actions of others just a reference might be made. But discussion goes on about bad things. Even in media, print or channel, the time and space are consumed by reporting useless and wrong news.
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    As our five fingers are not alike, people also differs in nature and in many situations one may not like other's action or doing. In this situation we should bear with others and never comment others on any situation, that too we should never comment the people who died.

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    Of course, talking bad about others is not a good habit. But I do not agree that it is a habit formed recently in humans. People were like that always, not all but some. In the absence of one person, others will have many things to bitch about. The thing we need to understand is, the people who have joined us to talk ill about another person will definitely talk bad about us in our absence. So be prepared for that.

    Also, imagine if others cheat us and tell the guy that we have said something bad about him/her. Our relationship with that person will be affected. Why do we want to get into such troubles in this busy lives? We have no right to talk bad about others or their decisions. We do not know their thoughts or situations. We cannot judge someone unless we are not in their shoes. It is better to stay away from such talks.

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