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    When a beautiful day becomes a nightmare - tips to cope with it

    Share some useful tips to deal with a bad experience that changes your day dramatically.

    The title of this thread says it all. The day will be lovely in every way & you have a smile on your face, a spring in your step. All of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, it is all topsy-turvy & you face a nightmarish kind of experience. It causes a big blow & you have a sort of emotional meltdown.

    Ever faced this? How did you cope with it?
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    Emotions are driving force behind all human behavior.
    As we go through our life we encounter negative emotions and even meltdowns which we don't like. Strong people embrace it but majority do not. Negative emotions cannot be avaoided.It is to be resisted, controlled and conquered. A person becomes strong when he approaches trying times in life. We are unaware of our own potential and inner strength until conditions of life prompts its realization
    If you are facing a negative emotion just accept them and stop caring about them.
    Accept, embrace, move on…..then you will become strong.
    Attempt to avoid it causes emotional weakness. The more a person does this the more they wire their brains up to be more hyper sensitive to negative emotions. Be an individual, stand out from the crowd, do what you want to do in life and go where you want to go. Everyone has talent, find it, exploit it, ignore the weak people. Don't follow the herd. Be away from average.
    It is too late! I am stopping now! Thanks!

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    A good thread that tests our patience and presence of mind when things suddenly take a turn for the worse. Last year, we had set out on our holiday, after a 5-hour leisurely drive just we reached our accommodation ( good chain of resorts(, we got a call that we had to move to another resort close by as there we some overbooking and no other rooms were vacant. Our (4 adults) moods suddenly sunk and the kids were hungry. We drove into the resort, got the bags into the dining lounge ourselves and ordered food for the kids first and then for us. When we gave the booking forms, slowly one by one the staff started parading We asked for the manager of the property and did not budge from the dining area. When he came down, he gave a list of excuses and mentioned we would get one day extra if we went to the other resort. My sister in law was quietly recording the conversation, played it out loud that people around us could hear.
    We gave the manager a no-nonsense talk, unless you want to create a scene and later finding this on the internet start arranging for a room. After an hour, the manager came back and said rooms are arranged for us. it was a bigger cottage with no added costs.We had a good 3 day/2night holiday.
    Be prepared for change of plans
    Keep the records especially email and call records in mind
    Don't listen to the sweet talk of the hospitality staff as they are trained for it.
    Don't hesitate to put your foot down and attract a few stares
    Don't blink first attitude helps
    Last but not least, have a lady who's smart enough to see past some fake smiling customer care managers.

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    Only yesterday being Sunday, we had the plans to have good day as every one was free. But suddenly my wife got high fever and the whole day was sick. Our family doctor was also away so we could not give the treatment. With available medicine at home she was being taken care off. We were suppose to visit relatives house and they have been calling us. On hearing her sickness, people started coming one after other and the attending the guest has become my responsibility. This kind of moments in life once again proves that we cannot plan anything in advance as what is destined to happen would happen anyway.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very interesting thread. Life is like that. It goes smoothly and then something happens which creates not only turbulence but also brings with it many unprecedented events which totally change the present scenario as well as the future programs.

    It happens often and many of us blame the fate or destiny for it. Though we never thank them for our good times.

    Interestingly these devasting moments teach us many good things and we learn to take such eventualities in their strides. As well said - sweet are the uses of adversity.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Once I and my good lady were going with my good old Padmini to attend a marriage of my close relatives where my wife's presence was essential during the marriage ceremony. The venue was about 100 km away from my home. We got up well in time, dressed up beautifully, checked my Padmini for her fitness to go for a long drive. We moved happily. While on our way, I switched on my car's audio system. The song from an MGR's film 'Ennathan Nadakkum Nadakattume......"(Means - Let anything happen).While I was enjoying the song, an old man in his cycle crossed me from left to right at close quarters. OMG! I manoeuvered my Padmini to save the old man from taking his last breath. I could save him by hitting his cycle with my car's left headlight. He fell flat with his cycle. I stopped and got out of my Padmini and lifted him and his cycle. I enquired whether he was safe without any injury. I told him that it was his mistake for not looking for the approaching vehicle. His cycle was damaged a bit. I asked him whether he like to have it repaired at my cost. He said,"No Sir, It is entirely my mistake only. You may go." Yet I told my address to contact me if needed. I wasted about 30 minutes. And I drove my Padmini fast to reach the marriage hall. I was late by 10 minutes and we could not witness the tying of nuptial knots.
    No life without Sun

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    One day myself and my boos were on a tour. From Hyderabad, we have gone to Visakhapatnam by flight. We engaged a Hyundai Accent car for our onward journey from Vizag to Jagdalpur.In Vizag, we meet my sister. Then we had our lunch and started from that place. My boss was in the car back seat. I was sitting in the side seat of the driver. So far everything is very well. We thought we will reach the destination by night 8 PM. Then we have made our program for the next day. The road was good. No traffic on the road. The driver was driving the car perfectly. All of a sudden an old man on a cycle came on to the road. My driver was almost hit him but somehow managed not to hit him. But in that attempt, he hit the lorry which was standing on the roadside. My boss is having an injury. I made him sit sometime there. Searched for a doctor nearby and taken him there and got the first aid done. But the car was not in a position to move. The driver conveyed the matter to his boss. He arranged another car. But we have decided that we will come back. We reached back Vizag. He was taken to a big hospital and then pi]ut him in a hotel. I stayed with my sister that night. The next day morning we both were back to Hyderabad. The whole trip git wasted and the entire plan got upset. After two days I alone travelled and completed the work at Jagadalpur.
    always confident

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