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    A punishment to remember

    We all preserve our beautiful memories safe in corners of our heart and keep remembering them and feel delighted and nostalgic by them.
    But there are certain negative things which have made a positive impact in life. Do we remember them also?
    Yes, we do remember them as the title of this thread suggest a punishment in which I am talking about to remember are those punishments by our teachers and parents which changed something inside us. Made us a better person.
    I remember a punishment by parents where they made me realized by uttering not a single word and made me feel guilty when I lied about my marks in half yearly exam of class 6th and kept my answer copy hidden, they knew it but made me feel guilty and at last I admitted my mistake and promised to never hide any such thing in life and till now I never lied about marks even if score very less that was the impact of that punishment.
    Do you have any such punishment to remember/
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    Before marriage I was with my parents and we were 10 members totally. My father was having total control of us irrespective of our age and maturity. Once I had a tiff with my friend and the face off went ugly and landed up with fist fights. This issue came to my father and he was so angry. He never chided or beaten me for that wrong fight, but while I was about to have the meals , he simply taken away the plate full of meals and asked me to get out of the house at once. That was the great insult in life and from then I never had a tiff with others and behaved smartly from that day.
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    I had an experience. I was in ninth class. The science teacher was conducting an examination. The question was preparation for Carbon dioxide using Kipps apparatus in the laboratory. I know the answer but I don't know how to draw the figure. One of my friends was good at drawing. He knows how to this figure. But he doesn't know the experiment part of preparation. So we both thought we will write on white paper without any name. First I will write the experiment description. My friend will draw the figure. Then we will exchange our papers. We were in 8th class. This type of adjustments was new to us. We were exchanging the papers and this had been noticed by the teacher. On that, he has beaten both of us very badly. That is the biggest punishment I got in my entire education. I can't forget this incident forever,
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    Many times as kids at school, we all would have become angry when the teacher scolds us,we had thin canes that would be stuck on our palms,if we were very troublesome. I have hinted about this before, I have a bad handwriting and my English was not good to start with. My English teacher was given charge to improve my language skills. For a year in 7th I had to write the Classwork notes in a separate book in the evening and then show her next day morning, I had to read out loud one paragraph at the beginning of the class by standing up. It was very embarrassing to do it in front of the whole class. I did it out of fear. From my college days, whenever I have a paper to present or an article to write, I thank the teacher but for her, I would not have improved to an extent that my undergraduate and o[postgraduate studies became easy. Yes, your are spot on. These are nostalgic memories that we cant forget easily.

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