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    Smoking in closed public places

    There's one rule that is in force all over India, even in the farthest corners of vast country. This is the rule forbiding smoking in bus and cabs. Breathing in the smoke that someone else blows out is even more harmful to health than smoking itself.

    Yet in the buses in our town, where people struggle even for a place to stand, there are some who hold on to a cigarette or beedi above their heads. They stretch their heads up to puff on their stick of poison in the middle of the crowd.

    Why the state hasn't forbaded smoking in public places? Can you throw a light on this topic.
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    Leave alone closed public places, smoking in public places has as such been banned by the Ministry of Health by legislating the Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places Rules, 2008 and is in effect since then. It is for the State administration to enforce the rules and to ensure that no one smokes in public. The police are empowered to initiate necessary action like imposing fine etc on persons who are found smoking in public places. The general public can also object or report such acts to the authorities for necessary action.
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    In metros and urban places there is good awareness on this issue but unfortunately in remote and rular places people do not bother much as literally they feel the Govt (whether state or central) is far off from them. Moreover they have rapport and relations with the local administration specially police etc and they know that even if someone complaints they will be scot free in moments.
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    The government has prohibited smoking in public places. In general percentage of smokers is coming down. But the smokers never bother about the prohibition of smoking in public places and they never care for the law. Even in cities like Hyderabad, many people smoke in open places but nobody can stop them. Even police also will not concentrate much on this. Their concentration will be more on traffic violations only. Because of this habit, not only the smoker but also the people who are around him and the people who are moving in that area will get affected. This is a fact. There is some awareness is coming to the people but not
    100%. The smoking people should understand the problems they face and the problems they are creating to the neighbours also should be noticed.

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    I can't agree with the author on this aspect. Why there is so much discrimination? My recent thread on this issue:-
    How much discrimination do we have to face?

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    Although there are rules in place, it's not implemented religiously. The people who smoke do have their liberty to smoke but it's annoying when happens in places wherein the personal space is at a premium. Restaurants, small eateries, outside malls, in the toilets at offices and the parking lot. I've even see people smoke just outside a temple, then wash hands and come in to pray. It's not a crime but it disturbs others. The issues why it's not implemented regularly is influenced by the fact that many lawmakers themselves will be smoking, there are other bigger issues for the police to focus their attention on rather than smoking alone. There are so many other factors that contribute to air pollution, so why should I only stop. Just because some people around me are non-smokers,why should I stop smoking. Although there are designated smokers zone in many countries, In India, we simply cannot have a smokers lounge or space at all public places and areas.

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    I can understand the feeling and annoying of the author when some one smokes in public and wont understand the inconvenience caused to the others. First of all smoking in public transport is prohibited and those who violate can be jailed too with penalization. Secondly one cannot leave the smoke on to the passengers fully knowing well that passive smoking is also injurious to others health. It is the duty of the driver and conductor to ask the passenger to get down immediately. If they wont budge, let the driver take the bus to the police station and hand over the culprit to the police.
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    @Saji Ganesh, in 1999 some states like Kerala forbade smoking in public places. Supreme Court has also made rule for the whole India. I also agree that breaking this law will draw a penalty of some thousand Rupees.

    However, I felt that government should implement even strict law than just penalty of thousand Rupees.

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    @Partha, don't get me wrong but after learning that you're an avid smoker, there's a solution for you to quit smoking.
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    Smoking in public places is banned in almost all parts of our country. It is good one when considering the health aspect of smokers. But the smokers struggling to give up the smoking habit. In some offices and factories, the management provided separate place for smoking. I went to Madurai recently, there I went to a public toilet where I saw the keeper asked the users to smoke inside (by selling cigarettes)and avoid smoking in outside and in public places.

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    Really, not even close areas, people do smoke in open freely. It harms the smoker as well as the people passing by. They become pacific smokers.
    This is harmful and impacts everyone around. I believe the government should implement some healthy campaigns to help people to quit smoking.

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    In the case of any law or stipulation there can be some who will feel it as inconvenient to them or not benefiting them.
    However when a law is implemented, it is our duty to comply with it. There are opportunities and avenues to present our views and our side on any bill before it is passed. Even after passing a bill, we can take up the matter in courts of law. However when it is implemented after democratically debating and discussing, and also reviewing under the legal frame work, then we have to comply as dutiful citizen. The success of any law or scheme also rests with the law-abiding citizen also. The state cannot post a policeman each for a person. If we find someone breaking la, it is our responsibility to be whistle blowers also. Ordinary citizen have also to support the law enforcing agencies, to see a benign law effectively implemented.
    It takes some time for people to shed hard formed habits. That is where publicity, citizen pressure, reminder and nudging etc helps. While i may be personal perception that smoking gives enhanced productivity, it is well established that smoking is injurious to the smoker as well as the people in proximity. It also entails social cost.

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    Rules are there in the country but the implementation of it is the problem. We all know that smoking is injurious to health, not only for the smoker but for the people around as well. So, we have all the rights to raise our voice and complain against a smoker, who is smoking in public areas, especially in a congested area. But how many of us do that? The majority will keep quiet and will just end up sharing the incident in their close group. Is that going to help us in any way? No!.

    It is high time we start reacting. We should tell the smoker to throw it. If he is not ready to listen to it, we should show the courage to take a further step. Our actions will definitely help in the implementation of the law.

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