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    You have been standing in queue for doctor. When your turn comes, the doctor goes for wards ?

    Some times the time will teach such a lesson that we cannot forget it. Normally in government super specialty hospitals the tokens are given to the patients and they are advised to consult the respective departments doctors and they must follow the queue system. For Cardio, Ortho, Skin and General medicine the patients visits are more. Normally two doctors would be seeing the patients and the queue will subsidize within short time. But when there is single doctor, and long queue and by the time your turn comes, the doctor simply walk away to the wards for his patients. What will be your reaction ?
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    This happens many times. I myself experienced such a situation. The doctor at times has to go to the wards when there is an emergency. We, the patients, have to understand and wait patiently until the doctor comes back to the consultation room. This situation happens in the Corporate Hospitals also. We feel angry in such situations and there is nothing the doctor or the patient can do. The patient has to keep his cool and try to understand the position.
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    This generally happens when we need to meet a single important person like a doctor, astrologer, foreteller, mantrik, tantrik etc. Even when we visit our bank and stand in a queue to await our turn, the bank staff leaves the counter for a tea break or lunch break or to attend their personal telephone call. This really irritates the people in the queue.

    Recently, I and my relatives visited an astrologer. We landed at his home at 1000 hrs and placed our horoscope in the queue as the tenth number. At 1400 hrs, my position was two. Suddenly the astrologer got up from his chair and went for his lunch. He returned only at 1500 hrs.

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    This happens more often that we think. It's a issue of time management or sometimes trying to fit in too much in a short period. Most patients are generally on time for their appointments but there are patients who book an appointment but do not turn up on time or don't even bother to cancel their appointments. Some turn up late or walking expected to be seen soon.To avoid making a big issue the staff nurse slots them in between regular patients.
    Generally doctors in hospitals (not small clinics), have to focus on outpatients, inpatient or wards and then the causality department. There would always be the chance of an emergency arising in any of these places. Surgeons, generally operate before or after their outpatient hours. Sometimes the timing is wrong. Doctors often take a coffee break or quickly move up and down to fill out insurance papers,fulfill a request for seeing a patient of a different specialty or to check on a patient who is not doing as well as they should or a patient's family needs an update urgently. There are instances where in it's purely a time management issues where in the patients are made to wait. If this is a regular practice, then we should bring it up with the customer care manager. The patient's time is also as important as the doctor's.

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    It happens to many at many times. The doctor who is examining the outpatients may have to go to the ward for attending the urgent problem of an inpatient. So he may stop for a while the outpatients. You may be the next in line. But we can't do anything. Simply we have to wait for the coming back of the doctor. Here the doctor is also helpless. He is not doing this stipping intentionally. So we should not make any noise there and we have to wait for the doctor to come back. We should also understand the problem from the other side. Many times it happens. But if intentionally any doctor is doing this the patients should take it seriously and should make a complaint to higher authorities and see that suitable action is taken on the doctor. But it is no use of shouting on the doctor.
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    This has happened to me. Not in a government hospital but in a private hospital. I was waiting for hours and it was almost my turn when the doctor went for wards. I was really upset and angry. I felt they made me wait so long for nothing, But I did not take out my anger as it was a hospital and I actually wanted to consult the doctor. All I can say is such situations are really annoying and upsetting. Especially for those patients who come from distant places. We might have other commitments as well, but everything gets delayed just because of this.
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    Chitra I really understand your getting annoyed for not getting doctor's appointment even in private hospital. That is too much on their part. When the doctor is so busy they should not have accepted our admission to appointments.
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    While booking an appointment, there's nothing in reality that the time is guaranteed. Each patient seen by the doctors has a few extra questions or clarifications, this extra time keeps up adding on and on in such a way that by the time the 5-6 patient gets the chance, there is already a delay of 15-20 minutes. Time keeping between patients is also difficult.

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    Similar situations have happened to me many times. Not just in a hospital, but at many service points too. Just when we reach the counter or table the same will be closed, the power goes off, network fails etc.

    What we can do? We will patiently wait secretly cursing our fate. If there is a possibility, we will beg or plead to take our case. If that is the end of the day, we will return to come back next day. But in the case of doctors, we will be more understanding and sympathetic as we know there are some who also need the service on priority.

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    Sometimes such a situation also helps us indirectly. Once I went to a doctor's clinic for my regular consultation at Salem along with my wife. As the appointment was in the evening only, we earlier went to yercaud and planned to go to the doctor and accordingly we reached. After my consultation,as the doctor was a friendly nature, my wife asked him to chek her B.P. Doctor silently checked and found the reading was alarming. He asked her to wait for sometime and not to get panic. After seeing another patient he saw BP to my wife and found normal. Then he,doctor,told her with smile that the earlier reading was because of her arrival from a hill, with some tension about husband's (my) health etc., So waiting at a doctor or the situation as told by the author also good in sometimes and we should never raise our tension in such situations.

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    Such are the situations where our patience is tested. Of course, the saying is applicable here too - 'beggars are not choosers'. It happens everywhere irrespective of the hospital Private or Government. Even if they won't give appointment because of the time factor and Doctor's hectic schedule, our necessity makes us to influence the hospital attendants. It is our option to go to the Doctor and we should understand the situation also. He has to visit the inpatients also before clearing the list for the day.

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