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    The Master Survivor among us.

    You see them on roof tops,on high rise buildings,at parks or in the backyards. They often fly and feed in groups, they look very cute, If you are thinking of sparrows,mynas you are mistaken. Its the Pigeons.
    Next time you feed these birds, it's worth remembering this. The history of common city pigeons goes back around 5000 years! Pigeons are masters when it comes to adapting to the surroundings. They move around in groups, feed on seeds and crumbs of food found around houses. They spend most of their day on perched on ledges, window sills, small spaces in the building. They don't need a tree to perch on or build a nest on. They have good memory and will often come back to the same nesting site. When they feed in groups, there's little chance for other birds to even get a few grains.

    Pigeons droppings are acidic and solidifies soon, hence difficult to get rid of,on cars or painted surfaces they leave a visible mark. In many apartments, people find their balconies, washing machines and sink messed up with pigeon droppings.They have no natural predators and have even outnumbered the common crow in urban areas. Crows need tree cover for daily life and to build a nest. So, feed the pigeons but remember that they are master survivors in the modern urban jungle.
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    A good post with a nice information about pigeons. I have been observing this fact they move in groups and they can survive more without much support of trees. General birds like crows and sparrows require some trees to make their nest whereas pigeons don't require it. Their droppings are really problematic to wash and remove. They get solidified and these marks will not go easily. This is a very general observation. These pigeons were used in olden days to send communications from one place to other. These pigeons are indications of peace and harmony.
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    Pigeons are loved by human beings. Because they are harmless and can be tamed. In olden days they were trained to act as messengers. A message attached to its legs will be taken to its destination flying miles together. Earlier days when people used to move around in ships, it is said that messages were passed to the shore through pigeons.
    In certain temples pigeons are provided with ' housing' in a wooden cage kept above a post. It is kept like that to safeguard the attack of snakes. People visiting the temple offer something like rice to these pigeons. The temple owners keep rice in their store and sell the same to the demanding devotees. The devotees consider feeding the temple owned pigeons is an offer to the God.

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    A nice post. I agree that pigeons are the master survivors. They can stay anywhere. It really looks cute when we see them in groups. When they are all eating together. My father has a habit of offering some grains to pigeon almost every weekend. It is a complete scenario, the whole lot of birds gather and he feeds them. They always remember the place you are right. In the urban city, you can always find them. They are cute birds, but always grey pigeons are there, I wish I could have seen white pigeons also, the way they used to show in movies earlier.
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    I hate pigeons.I found them as the only nuisance in my urban living. If we forget to close one small opening, we are finished. The pigeons will enter and dirty the whole area. In case we step in suddenly, they become panicky and fly up and down nastying the area more. Their stench is also unbearable. They perch and nest in any available corner and then it becomes a daunting task to remove them.
    While we had different birds coming at our kitchen window sill, waiting patiently and orderly for their turn to eat what we spread for them, the pigeons come , drive away other birds and litter the whole place making the food unusable for other birds. While crows, sparrows, mynah and even parrots feed in a nice manner and keep the place clean pigeons are specialists in dirtying.
    In Mumbai people are compelled to park their vehicles outside for want of parking space. I used to feel sorry to see the dirt of pigeon droppings , on vehicles bought spending lakhs of rupees. They are like mosquitoes and very difficult to prevent them coming. I had to spend for birds net to prevent them entering our house.

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    They do have a wide range of natural predators. Ranging from rats to falcons.
    I'll add few facts of my own:
    1 They are one of few birds which can take off vertically..
    2 Their feet have pores which senses cyclones and earthquakes.
    3 They navigate through Earth's magnetic field.
    4 They are scavengers
    5 Pigeons mate for life and females give milk to their chicks.
    Pigeon milk is fat stored in the mother's belly. She vomits it up to feed her children in first few weeks.
    6 In just one month a chick grows three times it's own weight
    7 During world war 2, pigeons were tested to launch missiles in absence of guided missiles.
    They have exceptional sense of hearing, smelling and sight.
    They are one of the highest fliers.
    Pigeon feathers were used as pens.

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