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    Political Banners marring Public Signboards

    When you look around while driving and at a traffic light looks for directions or miss a deviation, we curse the Government authorities for not have a proper display board. We are wrong, there are signboards but most have been borrowed by our own people to make their presence felt. There are flexi banners with over hundred pictures of 'people working hard for the locality', there are much bigger full length posters of our esteemed leaders placed strategically that we have to look up. Then there are banners tied around between poles and across the roads that often block the drivers view of signals or signboards. Some of them are even more innovative, why make a new pole or use threads to tie it, they just take the poster and stick it to a No Parking, No horn zone sign and go away. A few are even more cruel,the cut the top of saplings so that their banners are better seen.

    So far the public and the signboards have not got a upper hand, hope it changes and the signboards can be allowed do what it's supposed to do.
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    The cost of flexi banners has become very cheap. We find these banners everywhere. Sometimes the political parties are using the poles erected for sign boards blocking the signpost. For every banner that is hung up in public places, the municipality or the corporation charges fees. The political parties do not even pay the fees. There are many incidents of the flexi banners falling down and causing damage. When I enter the road while coming from my house, there will always be a flexi banner blocking the view of the road. I will be entering the road blindly. The matter was reported many times but without positive result.
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    In our country whether it is due to lack of education or lack of discipline, we do not have respect for sign boards and other public boards. The hawkers use them for tieing the ropes while party workers use them as a readymade place to put posters and banners. This is done in such a massive scale that removing them becomes a herculean task.

    The ugly scene created by these overlappings is not only an eye sore but also a national shame for all of us.

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    These days flexi banners are increasing. Every small leader also wanted to see his photo on a flexi and he wanted to display in public places so that everyone will notice it. If you see in Hyderabad every 100 meters there will be a flexiboard displaying KCR or KTR photo and then with so many small photographs of local leaders. It is the order of the day. No one can stop them. Actually, for a flexi board, we should take a permission from a local body or from police. But nobody will take that permission and they never pay any fee also. No one can rectify this issue. The display boards also they use for writing some advertisement of a product or some phone numbers of a person or to write some slogan etc. So the very purpose of these boards is lost. So the hanging of flex boards for all unnecessary matters also should be stopped.
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