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    Did we forget the Iron Lady of India?

    She was hailed as Goddess Durga by one of the political greats of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. She was instrumental in bringing radical changes in the country's economic, political, international and national policies. She was the pioneer of a popular movement known as the Green Revolution. Ensured a successful negotiation in the Pakistan war of 1971 resulting a peace agreement in the creation of Bangladesh. One of her crucial economic decisions included the nationalization of fourteen major commercial banks which changed the direction of the banking sector. She served as Prime Minister for 11 years in three different spells. She was named as 'Woman of the Millennium' by the BBC in 1999.

    Yesterday was her birth anniversary and the so called Fourth Estate which is dominated by the electronic media was busy in attending the other important news which could increase their TRP ratings. Of course, we too forgot to remember her !
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    Ms Indira Gandhi, the daughter of first Prime Minister of India had ruled Indian as prime minister for almost 11 years. She has brought in many changes. Bank nationalisation is one thing she has done. She is successful in creating Bangladesh as a separate country. Many people called her as Iron Lady of India. Yetserday was her birth anniversary. Let us all pay her our rich tributes for whatever good she has done to the country.
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    There is no doubt Indira Gandhi is a remarkable personality of Indian politics. Her rule has many odds. But she would be remembered most for India's greatest victory in 1971 war. There were many more achievements like 1974 atom bomb test explosion, agricultural revolution, bank nationalisation, dealing with Sikh terrorists (some of whom was created by herself), declaration of emergency, returning to power in 1980, etc.

    Personally I have more respect for her than for her father.

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    Who said Indira Gandhi was forgotten. The Congress party in Telangana is very much present and paid great tributes to the greatest lady Prime Minister India ever had. Yes she was none other than Indira Gandhi. Her control of the party was such great that, there were no dissident voice and the lower ranks were not allowed to meet her directly. Each state had one in charge and he would take all complements and complaints or suggestions to the High command and thus she controlled the flock very much. Now Sonia Gandhi cannot control as many leaders have become spokes man for the party.
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    Yes, we missed it in ISC. Glad that you posted, Mr Jagdish. I'm surprised that I did not see a Google doodle also. I think google also lost some TRP. She's the only female prime minister of India so far. After the operation Bluestar, its quoted that she refused to change her bodyguards. She's also credited to have led India to a level where our presence was felt in Asia.

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    In our place the Malayalam newspaper I subscribe to had a special supplement on Indira Gandhi. The local Congress party followers had observed commemorative functions at various places. I still have a special regard to Late Mrs Indira Gandhi, in spite of her certain drawbacks and autocratic ways as a party politician. She was a hardworking political leader and statesman who tried to get things for India from the two powerful opposing sides US & USSR. Had the world been like it is today, she could have got much more things for India.

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    Members may like to go through this thread also while remembering the contributions of the Iron Lady to modern India.
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